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By S. J. Haught

My editor had okay' d the tale, "The Unveiling of a Quack,"
and now I confronted the guy whom the facility of the click would
squash like a bug.
"Five times," he stated in accordance with my query, "the
Medical Society of~he County of latest York despatched a committee
here to enquire my tools. I allow them to see patients,
X-rays, documents, everything."
"And what have been the result of these investigations?" .
"I don't know," Dr. Gecsonreplied. "They have never
revealed them."
I left Dr. Gerson and wrote the clinical Society of the
County of recent York, as follows: "We haven't any feeling 09-e
way or the opposite touching on Dr. Gerson's remedy except
that of public accountability ... Is there any method we will be
advised of the character of your findings?"
Their answer used to be to embark me at the strangest, most
frustrating tale of my lifestyles ... the tale of a guy who by
absolute checklist had cured humans of melanoma, including
children, and his exceptionally brave and lonely fight
against the forces of prepared medicine.
- S.J. Haught

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The juices have been reduced from one every hoJ,lr to four a day; Joe has recently had an occasional steak and chicken. 10l, refined sugar, refined flour, candies, ice cream, cake, nuts; J;n:UShrooms, soy beans and soy products, pickles, cucumbers, pineapples, and all berries. 1 The writer of this article visited Gerson's home in Nanuet and was intensely impressed by what he observed. A normal number of patients was there, approximately a dozen. Each had a fascinating story to tell of hope, in most cases a remarkable recovery.

I decided no real purpose would be served by using the woman's name, and it might possibly interfere with her daughter's schedule. But Mrs. A. was quite willing to talk. This is what she said: "I feel that the treatment has been of great benefit to her and that she_ would not be alive today if we had not had Dr. Gerson. I really beheve it, and I don't think I'm fanatical; but really and truly if you ·: knew the entire history and you had the power to go to the former ~hysician before Dr. Gerson and see the X-rays and get the case _.

Was brought to Dr. L~nit( Within a few-m onths patient improved and all glands and clis,coJmfc:>rt~ disappeared. Weight returned tq normal and she was able to take "'+¥' her housework and all other normal activities. 1957 and 1958 follow-up: Continued in good condition. <:;ASE HISTORY #2- Mrs. : ' Medical History: June 1943: Mount Sinai Hospital, New York,. report of Dr. ""' Had diplopia which lasted two months. Diminuti,on in the ten11pc•r: field of the right eye progressed to complete hemianopsia by "'........

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