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By Edgar Wallace

It's a time whilst the main international powers are vying for colonial honours, a time of ju-ju, witch medical professionals and an uneasy peace with Bosambo, extraordinary leader of the Ochori. while Commissioner Sanders is going on depart, the trusty Lieutenant Hamilton takes over management of the African territories. even if, over again, the trouble-prone Bones, whereas intending to help, in simple terms manages to unfold his personal specific variety of blameless and endearing mischief.

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He wrote mostly thrillers, although there was a generous sprinkling of light comedy, romantic novels and science fiction, along with some non-fiction (such as ten volume history of the War) and it was once said that by 1928 one in four books read in England at the time were by him. His output was extraordinary and he would finish a standard length novel in less than a week. Many of his stories were filmed and he even became involved in directing. His flamboyant lifestyle continued, however, and he was to be seen arriving at race meetings in a yellow Rolls Royce and to be heavily involved in gambling.

Imagination is the first fruit of civilisation and when the reverend fathers of the coast taught Bosambo certain magics, they were also implanting in him the ability to picture possibilities, and shape from his knowledge of human affairs the eventual consequences of his actions. This is imagination somewhat elaborately and clumsily defined. To one person only had Bosambo unburdened himself of his schemes. In the privacy of his great hut he had sat with his wife, a steaming dish of fish between them, for however lax Bosambo might be, his wife was an earnest follower of the Prophet and would tolerate no such abomination as the flesh of the cloven-hoofed goat.

Now it is impossible that one conqueror shall be sunk to oblivion without his victor claiming for himself the style of his victim. Tukili had defeated his adversary, and Tukili was no exception to the general rule, and from being a fairly well-disposed king, amiable – too amiable as we have shown – and kindly, and just, he became of a sudden a menace to all that part of Sanders’ territory which lies between the French land and the river. It was such a situation as this as only Bosambo might deal with, and Sanders heartily cursed his absent chief and might have cursed him with greater fervour had he an inkling of the mission to which Bosambo had appointed himself.

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