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They are not spoken anywhere. Thus it is difficult for the twentieth century reader to understand all the finer nuances of these languages when they were used by people for whom it was their native language. Historical investigations, however, have produced tens of thousands of writings of all kinds in these languages, enabling linguists to understand vocabulary, word usage, and idioms of these languages more accurately. 4-Insights Through Reconstruction/Investigation of Biblical Histories/Incidents: Many events become more meaningful to the readers when the background is reconstructed more fully to them.

Linguistic studies have helped scholars to discover and classify the problems of copying common in Biblical languages. Then with the help of tens of thousands of manuscripts available today, they are able to reconstruct the originals with great confidence. 4-Present Status Of Manuscripts: Critics often argue that an ancient book like the Bible cannot be reliable. They compare Bible with other ancient books, and claim that all other books contain gross errors of science, philosophy, and of concept.

Neither the finders nor the keepers ever paused to think about their historical value. Consequently, the grave robbers simply threw away [and destroyed] everything the found worthless for their pursuit. This caused further destruction of precious artifacts and writings, specially the writings found on perishable material. Then in the middle ages quacks began prescribing the ground-up powder of mummies as an important ingredient of medicines, and there was great demand in Europe for mummies from Egypt.

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