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150 ZEITLIN of a priest. She was married to a man by the name of Joakim, who was rich and very much respected in the community. There were two elders in Babylon who were also judges. " But Susanna repulsed them with scorn and said that she would rather die than sin against God. The two judges to protect themselves accused Susanna, and summoned her to appear before the assembly. The two elders appeared as witnesses, telling the people that they saw Susanna lying in the park with a young man, who managed to escape before he could be arrested.

Ibid. Chap. 1, 52d, particularly the statement ,nplip inm~ umpnr-inD m^n niv-1 nrinn i rvSntn i'1 inp,i -wrDi ntn n)in :3 yD inm n' m Dtn n otr mDn= nplin mnDiy. Comp. also ibid. mnin nrn ,Inpnz3 omnn- Dnnr nun nmnnn uizn't wDnr n;yn -I'r:n D ty Dmivn-6nnn nnp^i Dn 73Dz ow l: Tron I'Anai I, 1,ini -isyD Lw nmyDN'XInni n lniDp6 DD-, rmrm. More on the question of redemption of Ma'aser Sheni or mtn RW3 will be discussed at length in my forthcoming book on the development of the Halakah.

5 See Zunz, GottesdienstlicheVortrage,p. 131. 116Yer. Tan. 70d. -ni= ;ii n,n r'yn i-it: nwyn. CANONIZATION OF THE HEBREW SCRIPTURES 155 lyptic nature, which were written in the Hebrew language, or in the Greek language, were considered ,nilmnmv'iD and these books were prohibited from being read, and anyone who read these, according to the rabbis, would not share a portion in the world to come, while such books which have no connection whatsoever with Judaism,"7 as the books of Hamerum (Homer), were not prohibited from being read.

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