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By Richard B. McKenzie

Belief on Trial, a hard-hitting exam of pageant within the smooth industry, tackles the monopoly factor head-on. in the course of the lens of the Microsoft case, the 1st large-scale antitrust complaints of the electronic age, it demanding situations the efficacy of contemporary antitrust enforcement. whereas trying out the appropriateness of recent monetary assumptions-from community results to lock-ins-it forces us to invite no matter if nineteenth-century antitrust legislation, mixed with twentieth-century enforcement norms, is appropriate to the twenty-first-century difficulties of industrial businesses.

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The firm's market dominance is likely to be cut short if it mistakenly equates its market dominance with monopoly power and thinks it can live the quiet life of the monopolist. Even Microsoft feels compelled to rearrange its digits as frequently as it can, mainly because, as Bill Gates has observed, "In three years, every product my company makes will be obsolete. " Yet, in this world of rapid change that runs according to Internet, not railway, time, the government has sought to take Microsoft to court on the grounds that the From Railway Time to Internet Time 23 company has managed to corner the market on a formula that at its digital core consists of various sequences of J's and O's, Although it has a copyright to a particular, extra long sequence of J's and O's, the number of combinations of potentially productive J's and O's must be extraordinarily large, if not infinite.

This did happen, but only in a beta, or test, version of Windows that was not marketed. Caldera also claims that Microsoft integrated MS-DOS in its Windows graphical interface in order to destroy DR-DOS, which Caldera says Microsoft saw as a major threat, and by giving computer makers favorable per copy prices if they would pay that price for each computer (or processor) shipped, regardless of whether the computer was shipped with MS-DOS, Windows, or some other operating system. Similarly, IBM charges that Microsoft used its market power in 1995 to dramatically raise the licensing fee it charged IBM for each copy of Windows, solely because IBM insisted on competing with Microsoft in the operating system market.

Similarly, Netscape chairman Jim Clark also tagged Microsoft as the "Death Star" because Netscape's networkbased operating system would, he thought, make Microsoft's Windows obsolete. " Perhaps it's important as we review the charges and countercharges relating to the Microsoft case to remember an observation made by Daniel Lyons, a writer for Forbes magazine: "Everybody plays rough in Silicon Valley. " "Rough play," however, was never intended to be an antitrust offense; "rough play" can be beneficial for consumers, for it might be a way to refer to a firm's competitiveness.

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