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Британские самолёты радиоэлектронной разведки, патрулирования
и раннего предупреждения «Нимрод» (BAE platforms Nimrod).
Разработка, прототипы, боевое применение.

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Aegean Park Press, 1998). 19 Donald Michie, 2000, in conversation with JVF. 4 Mr Newman’s section A Research Section had been set up in August 1941, reporting to the head of the military section, Colonel John Tiltman (1894–1982). 20 Its purpose was to apply the methods of attacking Tunny that had already been developed. In the same month, July 1942, current Tunny traffic was read for the first time. The style of nomenclature used at Bletchley Park owes much to British Public School slang — a characteristic that is indicative of the social origins of most of the senior staff — so the group run by Major Tester became known as ‘The Testery’.

The letter and the reply are printed in Erskine and Smith, Action This Day (see footnote 1, above), pp. ix–xiii. For the context of this letter, see Grey, Decoding Organization (see footnote 2, above), pp. 91–92. For the background, see also Gordon Welchman, The Hut Six Story (New York: McGraw-Hill, 1982) and F. H. , Codebreakers: The Inside Story of Bletchley Park (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1993; paperback repr. with corrections, 1994). On Welchman, and on the problems with the authorities regarding the publication of his book, see the work by Asa Briggs mentioned in note 6 below.

Turing, who as we have seen had done some work on Tunny in the Testery, also participated in the activities of Newman’s group (or at least in the work described in the General Report on Tunny), and seems to have persisted in his habit of proving theorems for himself rather than finding them in the works of others: Good had to tell him that one result was a special case of Bayes’ Theorem (named after the mathematician who had first proved it in the eighteenth century) (GRT, 21(f), last line, TNA HW 25/4, p.

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