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By Alan Millard, Alfred J. Hoerth, Gerald L. Mattingly, Edwin M. Yamauchi

Targeted old and archaeological essays supply perception into the various humans teams who interacted with and inspired old Israel

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So, in addition to the historical contacts between the Babylonians and Israelites, it is important to understand the Babylonian contributions to Old Testament culture and society. Name and Origin The earliest form of the name "Babylon" appears to have been Babil, the origin and meaning of which are lost to antiquity. " Ancient Mesopotamian literature preserves conflicting traditions concerning the naming of Babylon. The chronographic and omen literature attribute the name of the city to Sargon of Akkad (2334-2279), who allegedly dug up a mound of dust from Babylon and set it up near his own city of Akkad in a symbolic act stressing his role as conqueror.

Free in 1936. A full major was offered by 1940, and the first majors were graduated in 1942. Professor Free also instituted an annual archeology conference that brought leading scholars to the campus. In the early years of this conference, such luminaries as G. Ernest Wright, Cyrus H. Gordon, and William F. Albright were featured speakers. In the 1960s, Robert E. Cooley (now president of Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary) became director of the Archaeology and Near Eastern Studies Program at Wheaton College.

3 Elsewhere, the name of Babylon is attributed to the gods. In the opening paragraphs of the Code of Hammurapi, the great gods Anu and Enlil named the city when they established Marduk the god of Babylon as preeminent over humankind. 4 The Bible contains its own tradition concerning the name of Babylon in the opprobrious interpretation given for the name in Genesis 11:9.

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