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By Emanuel Sammut

Divided into sections, one facing osteopathy theoretically, and the opposite facing the extra medical facets, this publication considers the sensible implications of difficulties linked to spinal curvature. It additionally deals targeted exploration of evaluate of every physique sector.

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Treatment is therefore directed at improving function, which includes both range of movement and ease of movement within the range by removing any barriers to resolution. Visceral function Viscera may be considered in the same way as musculoskeletal structures. First it is necessary to know the action or role of the various visceral organs and systems and then be able to recognize symptoms and signs of abnormal function which may or may not be caused by serious disease. g. ). We must be open to this possibility at all times and refer immediately if there is cause for suspicion, since there are more effective treatment measures that may be used.

These neurological effects will be described later in this chapter. Possible mechanisms of somatic dysfunction Visceral dysfunction Dysfunction is not a process restricted to the somatic structures. Indeed there are many examples of abnormal function in visceral structures in the absence of structural pathology such as heart arrhythmia, irritable bowel syndrome, asthma, migraine and hypertension. In the past some osteopaths have attempted to infer that all disease results from the presence of spinal lesions.

Abdominal pain may lead to altered posture involving a slightly stooped position to relieve abdominal pressure. This may cause an aggrava- When is osteopathic treatment appropriate? tion of an already poorly adapted posture. This may then lead to symptoms of postural fatigue in addition to the abdominal symptoms. Conversely, with marked distortion of the spinal column, visceral function may be impaired because of the resulting deformation of internal organs. Thus lung capacity may be reduced in a patient with a severe thoracic kyphosis and abdominal organs such as the stomach may have reduced capacity because of the encroachment of the lower rib cage to prevent normal movement of the hollow viscera.

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