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The patient may require treatment for shock. The most common jelly-fish which sting are the Portuguese Man-OWar and sea wasps. Treatment • Remove tentacles holding a piece of material, or wearing a glove. • Apply alcohol or 10 per cent formaldehyde to the stung area; if these are not available, dry sand may be sprinkled on the sting. • If the patient collapses, tie a tourniquet round the limb but for no longer than 15 minutes or until help is obtained, whichever is the shorter time. ) It will help to delay absorption of the venom.

Lead Chronic (long-term and coming on gradually) lead poisoning can happen to children who bite or suck railings, cot bars or paint, etc. which contains lead. They become irritable, drowsy and constipated. They may also have headaches and colicky pain (sharp pain for short periods which comes and goes). Lysol This is a corrosive poison which bums the tongue and mouth. Although there is pain to begin with, this disappears after a time as it has an anaesthetic (numbing) effect. The patient collapses and becomes unconscious.

It is better not to wash them at all ifthat is all you can get If no clean boiled water is available for washing wounds, the juice of some cactus plants can be used. Wounds which are likely to become Infected • Dirty wounds. g. a used knife or needle for ear or nose piercing. • Puncture wounds. • Deep wounds which do not bleed much. • Wounds which occur where animals are kept pig pens, corrals, etc. • Large wounds with severe bruising or crushing. • Bites from people and animals. • Bullet wounds.

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