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By Pernille Rieker

This new ebook tackles key questions: 1) How is the european functioning as a safety actor? 2) How and to what quantity is the ecu affecting nationwide defense identities?

Focusing at the 4 biggest Nordic states (Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden), this incisive examine analyzes how and to what volume the european impacts nationwide protection identities. It exhibits how the ecu has built right into a designated form of defense actor that, as a result of its point of political integration, has a big impression on nationwide protection techniques and identities.

This new research applies a clean blend of integration idea, defense stories and reviews of Europeanization. the most argument during this ebook is that, instead of adapting to the altering stipulations created by way of the top of the chilly warfare, the Nordic states replaced their protection ways according to the eu integration technique. It indicates how diversified levels within the publish chilly conflict eu integration procedure have stimulated the nationwide protection ways of Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Norway. whereas all 4 safeguard methods appear to have been Europeanized, the rate and the nature of those alterations appear to fluctuate as a result of a mix of differing ties to the ecu and differing defense coverage traditions.

This new ebook could be of significant curiosity to all scholars of eu Defence, nationwide protection and of safeguard stories generally.

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Obviously, reliability and validity are problematic for researchers who do not share the assumption that there exists a single and objective reality, and who instead view reality as a social construction. One way of resolving the (internal) validity question is to reject objectivity as a validity criterion and focus instead on interpretative validity. This can be variously determined by factors such as usefulness (the extent to which a case study is enlightening or liberating); contextual completeness (in which comprehensiveness is a standard of credibility); the researcher’s positioning (a demonstrated sensitivity by the researcher to how he or she relates to the case at hand); the reporting style (the ability to reconstruct the participants’ reality credibly and authentically); triangulation (the use of multiple datacollection methods, sources, analyses or theories to check validity); member checking (the corroboration of data by participants in the case study); chain of evidence (meaningful links between research questions, raw data and findings); outlier analysis (the use of exceptions to test and strengthen the basic findings); pattern-matching (the extent to which patterns discovered in casestudy data correspond to predictions from a predetermined set of theoretical propositions); long-term observation (collecting data over a long period, with repeated observations of the phenomenon); and representativeness check (the extent to which a finding is typical of the field site from which it is obtained) (Merriam 1998).

9 As an alternative, the Brussels Treaty countries, together with Western Germany and Italy, went on to establish the Western European Union (WEU) in 1955. 10 With traditional security policy excluded from the European integration process, economic integration through a common market and customs union came to head the agenda. While NATO created the common framework for the Six in security and defence policy, the European integration process continued with the establishment of the European Economic Community (EEC) and the European Atomic Energy Community (Euratom) in 1957.

In this book, the nation-state’s security identity from the Cold War period constitutes the starting point for each case study. Next, the impact of three dimensions of the EU’s security identity – the establishment of a political union, the ESDP process and the development of a comprehensive security approach – are investigated. Each case study concludes with a discussion of the character and degree of the Europeanization process; the main findings are analysed and we ask how the case fits into the five-phase socialization model presented in Chapter 3.

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