Download Dzog-chen meditation: Rdor sems thugs kyi sgrub pai khrid by Khamtul Rinpoche, Gareth Sparham PDF

By Khamtul Rinpoche, Gareth Sparham

At the Rdzogs-chen (Räniçn-ma-pa) meditation and doctrines.

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This [total appearance meditation] purifies the intermediate state; it sets up a cause and effect relationship which completes the resultant enjoyment body; and it sets down the foundation for the great compassion which causes the unity deity (zung 'jug gi /ha) to rise up from the clear light. Causal meditative stabilization. There is the white letter hum which is the self-knowing (rang rig) that is the 40 Dzog Chen Meditation unity of emptiness and great compassion. Meditating on it as being in the nature of bliss, clarity and emptiness, one keeps meditating, in a one-pointed absorption equipoise, until clarity and stability of experience arises.

21 Phrin las rnam rgyal teacher ofthe definitive secret path, Padma dbang rgyal brother and siste~ 2 couple who see the supreme, dharma-conqueror of the scriptures' Jam dbyangs mkhyen rtse I beseech you to bless my mindstream. Lord teacher who strives for the ripening and libemtion of living beings, who is the main meditational deity [Vajrasattvu] the illusory play of great hliss, whose [enlightened] works know no bounds, who is a space worker and protector I beseech you to bless my mindstream.

When it gets a bit uncomfortable, breathing in a short breath and drawing up keep pressing. (d) When you are unable to hold it any more focus the mind on the vibration of the sound ht11i1 and expel it with a gentle and soft drawn-out fmce. 56 Training in speech repetition. [454] This is spoken of [in the treasure text] as follows: When tired of that [energy-wind-repetition], emanating and gathering back [light from] the garland of letters do an authorized period or number of speech repetition without being distracted.

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