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By Jim Miller

As go with the flow uncovers the hidden previous of this southwestern mecca--a heritage inhabited by means of the likes of Emma Goldman, Henry Miller, project Indians, and Theosophists--it captures the underlying vacancy and unease of San Diego circa 2000. Blake performs the postmodern fl?neur in a theme-park urban, drifting with the poetic eye of Baudelaire and the severe sensibilities of Walter Benjamin and the Situationist avant-garde. Depicting the intercourse, medicinal drugs, and demise present in the borderlands, writer Jim Miller portrays a urban the place cultures occasionally conflict yet extra frequently cross each other nearly totally unaffected.

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In the bookstore, they didn’t have much but glossy picture books and old copies of the local history journal. Joe leafed through a few issues: Japanese immigrants in the tuna industry, the history of Chicano Park, the Gaslamp’s past as a red light district, black theaters in the 920s, San Diego as a Health Resort, the IWW and the free speech movement, Marcuse at UCSD, the navy during World War II. Maybe he could Xerox a few of these for his students. Joe bought the journals and went downstairs to look at the archives.

Her face was round and sweet. “Twenty bucks,” she said. “You speak English,” Pete said in surprise. She didn’t answer. When she took off her clothes, Pete saw that she was thin and shapely. Her dark brown skin was drowned in strong perfume. She went down on him first, and it took a while for the feeling to cut through the liquor. She shook it roughly a few times, exasperated. When he was hard she put on the condom, pushed him on his back, climbed on top, and rode him efficiently with no expression on her face.

Finally, he stopped at CNN, put down the flipper, closed his eyes, and listened to the TV tell him about a police shooting in New York City, a celebrity wedding, and the stock market. indd 45 10/25/06 4:55:17 PM all washed up by age thirty-five. com twenty-somethings with money to burn who were investing heavily in real estate. Joe was thirty-five. He fell asleep and dreamed of Bob Anderson slipping into a bottomless hole, barely holding on with one hand, reaching up desperately, feebly with the other.

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