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By Konrad Bleuler (auth.), Ling-Lie Chau, Werner Nahm (eds.)

After a number of a long time of decreased touch, the interplay among physicists and mathematicians within the front-line study of either fields lately turned deep and fruit­ ful back. the various top experts of either fields grew to become inquisitive about this devel­ opment. This procedure even resulted in the invention of formerly unsuspected connections among numerous subfields of physics and arithmetic. In arithmetic this issues particularly knots von Neumann algebras, Kac-Moody algebras, integrable non-linear partial differential equations, and differential geometry in low dimensions, such a lot im­ portantly in 3 and 4 dimensional areas. In physics it issues gravity, string idea, integrable classical and quantum box theories, solitons and the statistical me­ chanics of surfaces. New discoveries in those fields are made at a quick speed. This convention introduced jointly lively researchers in those components, reporting their effects and discussing with different individuals to extra boost techniques in destiny new instructions. The convention was once attended by way of SO individuals from 15 countries. those complaints rfile this system and the talks on the convention. This convention used to be preceded by means of a two-week summer time tuition. Ten academics gave prolonged lectures on comparable issues. The court cases of the varsity may also be released within the NATO-AS[ quantity by means of Plenum. The Editors vii ACKNOWLEDGMENTS we want to thank the numerous those who have made the convention a hit. moreover, ·we relish the wonderful talks. The energetic participation of every person current made the convention energetic and stimulating. All of this made our efforts worthy­ while.

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We now turn to the mathematical physics of this paper. III TWO SIGNIFICANT 'ROUTES' IN MATHEMATICAL PHYSICS These are the routes (i) and (ii) itemised in (i) §I. Flat connection is the Sklyanin bracket The Lax pair Vx = Uv, Vt = Vv expressed [15] in terms of the I-form o = Udx + Vdt (U,V E: g = g 0 [1;, 1;-1] can be (15) and dv = Ov. Compatibility of this pair of linear equations in the column vector v requires the Poincare integrability condition d 2 v = 0 so e 52 = dO - 0 A 0 =0 (16) which for isospectral flows t;t :: 0 [15] is the Nonlinear Evolution Equation (NEE) which is (9).

Wallenberg started from this point. In [W], he gave a complete determination of commuting operators P and Q when 1. ordP 2. ord P = ordQ = 2, and = 1 and ord Q = n > 0 . So far still everything is easy. Then he studied the case of ord P = 2 and ord Q = 3, and noticed that the Weierstrass elliptic function appears in the coefficients of these operators (cf. Eq. (2)). He dealt with a few more examples such as order 2 and 5, but did not obtain any general theorem. Maybe Wallenberg's attempt was too much ahead of time.

Appl. 10 (1976) 259-273. [K] LM. Krichever: Methods of algebraic geometry in the theory of nonlinear equations, Russ. Math. Surveys 32 (1977) 185-214. [Ku] M. Kuga: Galois' Dream, (translated by S. Addington from the Japanese text), Birkhiiuser, to appear. [Ml] M. Mulase: Algebraic geometry of soliton equations, Proc. Japan Acad. Ser. A, 59 (1983) 285-288. [M2] _ _ _ _ : Cohomological structure in soliton equations and jacobian varieties, J. Diff. Geom. 19 (1984) 403-430. [M3] _ _ _ _ : Category of vector bundles on algebraic curves and infinite dimensional Grassmannians, Intern.

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