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By Lisa Scottoline

Prosecutor Vicki Allegretti is going to fulfill a private informant, is sort of killed, and a cop is gunned down ahead of her eyes. She observed the killers, now all she has to do is use them. The deeper Vicki probes, the extra she turns into confident that the homicide wasn't random. while one other homicide occurs, Vicki is thrown including an not likely best friend -- The female friend from Hell. Will they locate the killers earlier than they kill one another?

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Vicki couldn’t give further details of his description. He was the one who had killed Morty. DEVIL’S CORNER 43 Her head pounded, and her chest felt tight enough to burst. Bristow didn’t answer, and Vicki was growing more furious by the minute. ” Reheema’s expression betrayed no recognition. Melendez looked up from his pad, his forehead wrinkling. “Jackson. Isn’t that the name of the pregnant lady who got killed last night? ” Melendez set his Bic pen down beside his pad. ” he asked, suspicious.

I’ll get you in ad seg, too, out of the 42 L I S A S C O T T O L I N E general population. ” Bristow kept her head down, and Vicki leaned across the table. “Just give me a name. These guys are filth, they don’t deserve your loyalty. Give me the name and you’ll get back to your life. You had two jobs, you can work them. Meet a nice guy, I wish you better luck than me. You’re only twenty-nine, as young as I am. ” “No,” Bristow answered, looking up. Her gaze was steady, two flawless brown orbs focused on Vicki, which only made her crazier.

Not today. ” Bale slid off his camel-hair coat, hung it carefully on a wooden hanger, and placed it on the wooden rack behind him, then sat down in his tall chair, shooting his cuffs by habit. ” “Assault and battery, on Reheema? ” “I couldn’t! ” Bale glared from behind his walnut desk, its surface marked by a clean leather blotter, stacks of correspondence, and a computer with the office’s American flag screensaver, flickering madly. “You’re missing the point. ” “I know. I’m sorry. But still—” 46 L I S A S C O T T O L I N E “No buts.

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