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By John Martin, Laurel Allender, Pamela Savage-Knepshield

This e-book specializes in modern human components concerns in the layout of soldier platforms and describes how they're at the moment being investigated and addressed by way of the U.S. military to augment soldier functionality and effectiveness. It appeals to a global multidisciplinary viewers together with protection contractors, application administration places of work, human components engineers, human procedure integrators, approach engineers, and Read more...

summary: This ebook specializes in modern human components matters in the layout of soldier platforms and describes how they're at the moment being investigated and addressed by means of the U.S. military to augment soldier functionality and effectiveness. It appeals to a global multidisciplinary viewers together with security contractors, software administration places of work, human elements engineers, human approach integrators, procedure engineers, and laptop scientists. correct courses of research contain these in human components, cognitive technological know-how, neuroscience, neuroergonomics, psychology, education and schooling, and engineering

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We are also most appreciative of the staff at Ashgate Publishing for their assistance and patience during the editorial process and for providing us a venue to share our lessons learned as well as our thoughts on areas requiring further research. Pam Savage-Knepshield John Martin John Lockett Laurel Allender Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD List of Abbreviations 3DSSPP Three-Dimensional Static Strength Prediction Program AAR after action review AAS Advanced Automation System ABT air-breathing threat ACH Advanced Combat Helmet ADA Air Defense Artillery AEWE Army Expeditionary Warrior Experiment AFQT Armed Forces Qualifying Test AI articulation index AIT Advanced Individual Training AiTR aided target recognition AMC Army Materiel Command AMD air and missile defense ANR active noise reduction ARL Army Research Laboratory ASVAB Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery BAL blood alcohol level BCI brain-computer interface BCITs brain-computer interaction technologies BCS Battle Command System C2 command and control C2V Command and Control Vehicle C3TRACE Command, Control, and Communications舒Techniques for the Reliable Assessment of Concept Execution CAD computer-aided design CAT Callsign Acquisition Test CBA Capabilities-Based Assessment CBIRF Chemical Biological Incident Response Force CBRN Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear CDTF Chemical Defense Training Facility C-IED counter-IED CMM coordinate measuring machine CNV contingent negative variation COA course of action CoHOST Modeling of Human Operator System Tasks CPASE Cognitive Performance Assessment for Stress and Endurance CSP Common Spatial Patterns CVC combat vehicle crewman CW cognitive workload DAC Department of the Army Civilian DBBL Dismounted Battlespace Battle Lab DEL Design Eye Line deoxy-Hb deoxygenated hemoglobin DES discrete educational software DHCP Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol DISALT Dismounted Infantryman Survivability and Lethality Test Bed DoD Department of Defense DSB Defense Science Board ECG electrocardiogram EDA Electrodermal activity EEG Electroencephalogram EEPP Energy Expenditure Prediction Program蒂 EMG electromyography ENVG enhanced night vision goggle EOD Explosive Ordnance Disposal EOG electrooculography/electrooculogram ERD event related desynchronizations ERN error-related negativity ERP event related potentials ErrP error-related potential ERS event related synchronizations FA field artillery FAA Federal Aviation Administration FAP false-alarm prone FAST Field Assistance in Science and Technology FBCB2 Force XXI Battlefield Command Brigade and Below FCC Fire Coordination Center FECC Fires and Effects Coordination Cell FMC fully mission capable fMRI functional magnetic resonance imaging FMS Flight Management System fNIRs functional near-infrared spectroscopy FOBs Forward Operating Bases FoV field of view GPS global positioning system GS General Schedule GUI graphical user interface HBA Human Behavior Architecture HFE human factors engineering HFM Human Factors and Medicine Panel; Human Figure Modeling HFP human factors practitioner HITL human-in-the-loop HSI human systems integration HMD helmet-mounted display HMEE III High Mobility Engineer Excavator Type III HMI human-machine interface HMMWV high mobility multipurpose wheeled vehicle HMS Handheld, Manpack, and Small Form Fit HPMs human performance models HRED Human Research and Engineering Directorate HRI human robot interaction HRTF Head Related Transfer Function HSAs human system analysts HUD heads-up-display I2 image intensification ICG impedance cardiogram IEDs improvised explosive devices IES Immersive Environment Simulator IID Interaural Intensity Difference IMPRINT Improved Performance Research Integration Tool IMT individual movement techniques IP Internet Protocol IPE Individual Protective Equipment IR Infrared ISC Information Systems Command ISO International Organization for Standardization ISR Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance ITD Interaural Time Delay JFCOM Joint Forces Command JND Just Noticeable Difference JTF Joint Task Force JTRS Joint Tactical Radio System JURS2 Joint Urban Resolve 2 KD Known Distance KPPs key performance parameters LDA Linear Discriminant Analysis LSE Logistics Support Element MA8D Micro Analysis and Design MAACL-R Multiple Affect Adjective Checklist-Revised MANOVA Multivariate Analysis of Variance MANPRINT Manpower and Personnel Integration MAV micro air vehicle MCAM medical cost-avoidance model MEG magnetoencephalography MG Major General MGB Medium Girder Bridge MIDS Multimodal Information Design Support Tool MMH manual material handling MNVD Monocular Night Vision Device MOPP4 Mission Oriented Protective Posture MOS military occupational specialty MOUT Military Operations in Urban Terrain MP miss prone MPV Mine Protection Vehicle MRT Multiple Resource Theory/modified rhyme test MWL mental workload NASA National Aeronautics and Space Administration NASA-TLX National Aeronautics and Space Administration-Task Load Index NBC Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical NRC National Research Council NIOSH National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health NVDs night vision devices NVGs night vision goggles OCU operator control unit ODS Operation Desert Storm ODT Omni-Directional Treadmill OEF Operation Enduring Freedom OIF Operation Iraqi Freedom OpDemo Operational Demonstration Ops Operations ORD Operational Requirements Document OSHA Occupational Safety 8 Health Administration OTW out the window oxy-Hb oxygenated hemoglobin PASGT Personnel Armor System for Ground Troops PCA principal component(s) analysis PEL permissible exposure level PEO Program Executive Office PET Positive Omission Tomography PETER Performance Evaluation Tests for Environmental Research PM Project Manager RAMS Readiness Assessment Monitoring System RDECOM Research, Development and Engineering Command REF Rapid Equipping Force RFIs Requests for Information RNLE Revised NIOSH Lifting Equation ROI return-on-investment RSOV Ranger Special Operations Vehicle RSTA reconnaissance, surveillance, and target acquisition RSVP rapid serial visual presentation RT3 Reconfigurable Table Top Trainer RTOS Reconfigurable Tactical Operations Simulator RWL Recommended Weight Limit S8T science and technology SA situation awareness; situational awareness SARA Standardized Stress and Readiness Assessment SBSOD Santa Barbara Sense of Direction SD Spatial Disorientation SEs system engineers SME subject matter expert SNA social network analysis SNRs signal-to-noise ratios SoS system of systems SOSI System of Systems Integration SpA spatial ability SpO2 oxygen saturation in the blood SRE Specific Rating of Events SSE Squad Synthetic Environment SSVEP steady-state visually evoked potential STATs Science and Technology Assistance Teams STI speech transmission index STRAP System for Tactile Reception of Advanced Patterns SUBJ Subjective Stress Scale SVM Support Vector Machines SVS Soldier Visualization Station SWAT Subjective Workload Assessment Technique SWIR short-wavelength IR T8E test and evaluation TacVis tactile and visual alerts TARDEC Tank Automotive Research Development and Engineering Command TBM tactical ballistic missile TCM TRADOC Capability Manager THINK ATO Tactical Human Integration of Networked Knowledge Army Technology Objective TOC Tactical Operations Center TRADOC Training and Doctrine Command TSAS Tactile Situation Awareness System TTPs tactics, techniques, and procedures UAV unmanned aerial vehicle UGV unmanned ground vehicles UI user interface UML Unified Modeling Language USAARMC US Army Armor Center VACP visual, auditory, cognitive, and psychomotor VBC Victory Base Complex VOG videooculography VWL visual workload WBV whole body vibration PART I Understanding Human Performance with Complex Systems Chapter 1 Human Performance Challenges for the Future Force: Lessons from Patriot after the Second Gulf War John K.

S. D. candidate there. She has been involved in research investigating virtual reality as a training aid for dismounted soldiers, effects of physical exertion and chemical protective clothing on cognitive performance, and using tactile displays as an alternative communication medium for dismounted soldiers. Her current research efforts are aimed at investigating team collaboration in distributed environments. , is a computer scientist at ARL HRED. Dr. S. D. in Computer Science from USC舗s Information Sciences Institute.

Dr. Oie received his doctorate in Neuroscience and Cognitive Sciences from the University of Maryland where his research focused on human multisensory integration. At ARL, he has been integral to the development of the Army舗s research focus in neuroscience, and has managed two of the Army舗s leading basic and applied research programs in the field to advance our knowledge of and capabilities for studying human brain function in real-world environments. Debbie Patton is a psychology technician and is currently pursuing a master舗s degree in Experimental Psychology from Towson University.

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