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By Jay R. Mandle

This e-book addresses the troubles of readers who settle for some great benefits of globalization and technological swap, yet search to opposite the tendency towards source of revenue inequality that every produces. executive guidelines can mitigate that final result. yet rules to offset inequality aren't insisted upon via the citizens as the public believes our process of non-public donations to political campaigns ends up in the govt largely serving the pursuits of the rich. Adopting a approach of public investment of electoral campaigns is critical if egalitarian monetary guidelines are to be followed.

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The domestic political dynamic that might well be triggered if the country resolutely turns inward could be fearsome. , p. 11. 40 15:49 P1: JzG 9780521885898c02 CUNY1191/Mandle 978 0 521 88589 8 October 3, 2007 The Politics of Inequality that could result in scapegoating at home (particularly of the large and growing immigrant population) and, if allowed to go unchecked, even result in dangerous military adventures overseas. The country need not go in this direction. It is possible to reduce the burdens that workers experience in this period of rapid economic change.

Few observers believe that the United States in the future will adopt the policies necessary to reduce the burdens of technological change and globalization on its victims. Kletzer and Rosen stand for the consensus. ”7 The reason for this is clear. As I. M. Destler and Peter J. Balint’s study of trade policy put it, “the trade policymaking system in Washington centers on producer interests. ” Worker’s needs and interests are neglected, they go on, because addressing those concerns would “invite clashes along ideological lines.

Throughout the entire period during which this question was asked, a remarkably stable plurality responded that the government should act to reduce income disparities. Almost one-half of those questioned during this thirty-two-year period favored such programs, while one-third opposed them. Women supported them more than did men, but even among the latter, those in favor exceeded those opposed. There was a slight erosion in support over time. 1 percent of respondents answered in support. But after a decline of three percentage points during the 1990s, the percentage in favor stabilized after 2000.

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