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By M. J Manjoine

This publication compiles released and identified facts on rigidity rest of metals and alloys of engineering curiosity. It comprises all info from the former ASTM specified Technical ebook No. 187, through the ASTMASME-MPC Joint Committee on impression of Temperature at the houses of Metals.
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• desk of Contents
•Compilation of Stress-Relaxation info for Engineering Alloys 1. creation
2. forged Irons
• three. Carbon Steels (Including Carbon-Manganese Grades)
• four. Carbon-Molybdenum Steels (Including Copper-Molybdenum Grades)
• five. Chromium-Molybdenum Steels
6. Cr-Mo-V Steels (Including Mo-V Steels)
• 7. changed Cr-Mo-V Steels
• eight. Steels Containing 0.6% or extra Tungsten
• nine. Co-Cr-Mo-V Steels and Nb differences
• 10. Ni-Cr-Mo and Ni-Cr-Mo-V Steels
eleven. Ultrahigh power Steels
• 12. 12% Cr Steels
• thirteen. Austenitic Stainless Steels (Including a few Early Superalloys)
• 14. High-Iron Superalloys
• 15. Iron-Base Superalloys with Cobalt
• sixteen. Cobalt-Base Superalloys
• 17. Nickel-Base Superalloys
• 18. Aluminum Alloys
• 19. Copper Alloys
• 20. Titanium Alloys
• 21. Miscellaneous Alloys
• 22. facts resources

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S ° o •A *J ksi % LU K MN/m2 ksi MN/m2 1 h 10 h 100 h CD stress. 0 200 1706 F ( 930 C ), 2 h, Furnace cool. 9 200 Technically-pure iron. 68 Weld metal, built up to approx. 3/4 20 x 3/4 in. (19x19 mm ) section on a piece of mild-steel strip, using 392 No. 6 S. W. G. coated wire, British 200 Standard 639, Class A. 5 258 (236. 2 (29. 35) 60 (30) German boiler steel H-l. "Heat treated". ( As received ). ''initial torsion stress at room temperature. 3 Torsion stress on reaching test temperature in about 2 h.

O 2 CD % (0 CD Residual stress, Initial UJ a stress, 1 h ksi MN/m2 b 10 h 842 450 19. 4 [ Continuation, for tubular specimens from the same steel ] 1 Ducol QT 122A. Basic open hearth. 977 Plates 1 and 1. 25 in. ( 25 and 32 525 mm) thick. 15 Quenched 900 C ( 1650 F ); Tempered 600 C ( 1110 F ). 2 84 stress. 2; 60. 8. 2' 40. 36. 15 17. 6 16. 0' 27. 5' "initial torsion stress at room temperature. 100 h o Final ksi MN/m2 b Torsion stress on reaching test temperature in about 2 h. Copyright by ASTM Int'l (all rights reserved); Tue Apr 22 03:53:56 EDT 2014 Downloaded/printed by This standard is for EDUCATIONAL USE ONLY.

W 2! 1% Offset Yield Strength Copyright by ASTM Int'l (all rights reserved); Tue Apr 22 03:53:56 EDT 2014 Downloaded/printed by This standard is for EDUCATIONAL USE ONLY. University of Virginia pursuant to License Agreement. No further reproductions authorized. 1 > F F o CO 3 C 0) s 0) U S re Specifications, type melting, deoxidation, form and size, history of material. Heat treatment Q 23 4 BS 1501-221. Basic open hearth. Plate 1. 5 in. ( 38 mm ) thick. Normalized 900 C ( 1650 F ). 1 145. 104.

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