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By Alexei Deriglazov

Formalism of classical mechanics underlies a few strong mathematical tools which are favourite in theoretical and mathematical physics. This ebook considers the fundamentals evidence of Lagrangian and Hamiltonian mechanics, in addition to comparable subject matters, akin to canonical ameliorations, crucial invariants, power movement in geometric environment, symmetries, the Noether theorem and structures with constraints. whereas at times the formalism is built past the conventional point followed within the ordinary textbooks on classical mechanics, basically basic mathematical equipment are utilized in the exposition of the cloth. The mathematical buildings concerned are explicitly defined and defined, so the booklet could be a strong start line for the undergraduate pupil new to this box. even as and the place attainable, intuitive motivations are changed through specific proofs and direct computations, conserving the extent of rigor that makes the e-book invaluable for the graduate scholars aspiring to paintings in a single of the branches of the sizeable box of theoretical physics. to demonstrate how classical-mechanics formalism works in different branches of theoretical physics, examples relating to electrodynamics, in addition to to relativistic and quantum mechanics, are incorporated.

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During this textual content, the writer constructs the mathematical gear of classical mechanics from the start, analyzing the entire simple difficulties in dynamics, together with the idea of oscillations, the speculation of inflexible physique movement, and the Hamiltonian formalism. this contemporary approch, in accordance with the idea of the geometry of manifolds, distinguishes iteself from the conventional technique of ordinary textbooks.

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The a-pivot can rotate freely in the (x, y)-plane while the b-pivot can rotate freely in a vertical plane x1 = a sin ϕ − b cos θ sin ϕ, x2 = a sin ϕ + b cos θ sin ϕ, y1 = a cos ϕ − b cos θ cos ϕ, y2 = a cos ϕ + b cos θ cos ϕ, z 1 = b sin θ ; z 2 = −b sin θ. 190). 191) we obtain the action of the Thomson–Tait pendulum S= dtm b2 θ˙ 2 + (a 2 + b2 cos2 θ )ϕ˙ 2 . 193) This implies the equations of motion (a 2 + b2 cos2 θ )ϕ˙ ˙ = 0, θ¨ + ϕ˙ 2 cos θ sin θ = 0. 194) Note that it would not be an easy task to find these equations directly, without using variational analysis.

It obeys the properties q a (τ, 0) = q a (τ ), q a (τ, 1) = q a (τ ) + δq a (τ ). With the functional S we associate the usual function7 of the variable s q(τ2) q(τ) + δq(τ) q(τ, s) q(τ) q(τ1) Fig. 7 A one-parameter family q(τ, s) connecting the curves q(τ ) and q(τ ) + δq(τ ) 7 Of course S(s) depends also on the choice of q(τ ) and δq(τ ). 26 1 Sketch of Lagrangian Formalism S(s) ≡ S[q a + sδq a ], s [−1, 1]. 99) Then the variation δS of the functional S “at the point q a (τ )” is defined by the formula δS[q] ≡ d S(s) ds = s=0 d S[q + sδq] ds .

177) 1 this reduces to the well-known g x = 0. 178) Let us discuss the recipe from the geometric point of view. The constraint x 2+y 2 =l 2 represents the equation of a circle in configuration space. √ The variable x can be taken as a system of coordinates on the line, then y = − l 2 − x 2 is a parametric equation of the line (in the vicinity of the point we are interested in). This solves the constraint. So, geometrically the recipe consists of restricting the unconstrained Lagrangian function on the line.

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