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By Len Deighton

Bomber is a singular in regards to the realities of conflict. There are not any victors, no vanquished. There are easily those that stay alive, and people who die.
Bomber follows the growth of an Allied air raid via a interval of 24 hours in the summertime of 1943, portraying the entire members in a terrifying drama, either within the air and at the floor, in Britain and in Germany. In its documentary variety, it truly is special. In its emotional strength, it truly is overwhelming.
Len Deighton has been both acclaimed as a novelist and as an historian. In Bomber he has mixed either skills to provide a masterpiece.

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As the two airmen went into the hall old Mr Cohen followed Lambert closely, as if to separate him from his son. Lambert turned to the old man and waited for him to speak but he didn’t do so until his son had left. ‘All fathers become old fools, Lambert,’ he said and then stopped. Lambert looked at him, trying to draw the words from him as one does with a man who stutters. ’ For a moment Lambert said nothing. Sweet came down the stairs. He took the old man’s arm and said airily, ‘Don’t worry about that, sir,’ but Cohen had selected only Lambert for his plea.

It doesn’t matter. But if Mr Lambert is such a fine fellow, why is he not an officer? ’ ‘Surely you know the English by now, Father. Lambert has a London accent. He’s never been to an expensive school. ’ ‘Yes. ’ ‘I’d rather fly with Lambert,’ he replied, trying to keep his voice amiable. She said, ‘You mustn’t be angry, Simon. ’ ‘That’s right. Just thinking of you earning more cash,’ his father joked. ‘I keep telling both of you I’m just not ambitious. I’m never going to be an officer and I’m never going to be a philosophy professor like Uncle Carol.

Sweet chose to sit in the Windsor hoopback armchair that was at the head of the table. He was a short, fair-haired man of twenty-two, four years younger than Lambert. Like many of the aircrew he was short and stocky. Ruddycomplexioned, his pink skin went even pinker in the sun, and when he smiled he looked like a happy bouncing baby. Some women found this irresistible. It was easy to see why he had been regarded as ‘officer material’ from the day he joined up. He had a clear, high voice, energy, enthusiasm, and an unquestioning readiness to flatter and defer to the voice of authority.

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