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By Alex Moore, Philip J. S. Richardson

Now in its 10th variation, this vintage and finished guide has been revised to carry it brand new in accordance with adjustments at the dance ground and within the ideas of dance competitions. The Quickstep, Waltz, Foxtrot, and Tango are all illustrated and defined in nice aspect.

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I 43 44 I Ballroom Dancing QUARTER TURNS TO RIGHT AND LEFT- LADY The Quarter Turns are a progressive figure, turning alternately to R and L by means of Chasse Turns. QUARTER TURN TO RIGHT Lady 1. LF back, diag. to wall, with body turning to R. 2. RF to side, on same LOD, body backing to wall. 3. Close LF to RF (face diag. to centre) . S 4. RF diag. forward. S Q Q Contrary Body Movement. CBM on 1. Rise and Fall (Body). Commence to rise at end of 1 (NFR); continue to rise on 2 and 3; up on 4. Lower at end of 4.

1 H T. 2 T. 3 T H. 4 T H. 5 H, IE of foot, whole foot. 6 H. The Quickstep I Natural Turn (Man) General Notes. If the Natural Turn is used along the side of the room, the 5th step is wider, and then close LF to RF without weight. Count "S" (This is known as the Natural Turn with Hesitation and is similar to the Hesitation Change described fully in the Waltz section). Follow with the Chasse Reverse Turn or a Progressive Chasse to R. 49 50 I Ballroom Dancing Natural Turn (Lady) The Quickstep NATURAL TURN Lady This figure is used at corners.

Close RF to LF without weight on step 6, count "S" (This is known as the Natural Turn with Hesitation . ) NATURAL PIVOT TURN Man This is an alternative right turn which is best when used at a corner. It consists of 1, 2, and 3 of the Natural Turn, followed by a Pivot. Although difficult to dance well, a beginner will sometimes find this figure easier to lead than the Natural Turn. It can be used by experienced dancers to progress along the sides of the room. I 51 52 I Ballroom Dancing LOD Natural Pivot Turn (Man) The Natural Spin Turn is a better figure to employ for forward progression along the sides of the room.

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