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A Fig. 3 Principle of the 3-phase asynchronous motor The field generated by each winding is the result of two fields rotating in opposite directions, each of which has a constant value of half that of the peak field. At any instant t1 in the period (C Fig. 4), the fields produced by each winding can be represented as follows: - field H1 decreases. Both fields in it tend to move away from the OH1 axis, - field H2 increases. Both fields in it tend to move towards the OH2 axis, - field H3 increases.

The “lamination” of the magnetic circuit reduces losses by hysteresis and eddy currents. 39 3 3. 1 Three phase asynchronous motors The plates have notches for the stator windings that will produce the rotating field to fit into (three windings for a 3-phase motor). Each winding is made up of several coils. The way the coils are joined together determines the number of pairs of poles on the motor and hence the speed of rotation. v Rotor This is the mobile part of the motor. Like the magnetic circuit of the stator, it consists of stacked plates insulated from each other and forming a cylinder keyed to the motor shaft.

The conductors below the other pole are subjected to a force of the same strength and in the opposite direction. Both forces create a torque which rotates the motor armature (C Fig. 18). When the motor armature is powered by a direct or rectified voltage U and the rotor is rotating, a counter-electromotive force E is produced. Its value is E = U – RI. A Fig. 18 Production of torque in a DC motor RI represents the drop in ohm voltage in the armature. The counterelectromotive force E is related to the speed and excitation by E = k ω φ where: - k is a constant of the motor itself, - ω is the angular speed, - φ, is the flux.

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