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By Olivier Vanbesien(auth.)

This booklet addresses synthetic fabrics together with photonic crystals (PC) and metamaterials (MM).

The first half is dedicated to layout ideas: unfavorable permeability and permittivity for damaging refraction, periodic buildings, transformation optics.

The moment half matters notebook and MM in cease band regime: from cavities, publications to excessive impedance surfaces. irregular refraction, under one and adverse, in workstation and MM are studied in a 3rd half, addressing super-focusing and cloaking.

Applications for telecommunications, lasers and imaging platforms also are explored.

Chapter 1 Definitions and ideas (pages 3–12):
Chapter 2 The Metamaterial strategy – Permeability and Permittivity Engineering (pages 13–35):
Chapter three Photonic Crystal strategy – Band hole Engineering (pages 37–57):
Chapter four Transformation Optics (pages 59–70):
Chapter five element and prolonged Defects in Photonic Crystals (pages 73–94):
Chapter 6 Routing units made of Photonic Crystals (pages 95–119):
Chapter 7 unmarried unfavorable Metamaterials (pages 121–136):
Chapter eight Two?Dimensional Microwave Balanced Composite Prism (pages 139–155):
Chapter nine Metal?Dielectric fabrics – from the Terahertz to the obvious (pages 157–176):
Chapter 10 irregular Refraction in Photonic Crystals (pages 177–195):
Chapter eleven A Photonic Crystal Flat Lens at Optical Wavelength (pages 197–223):
Chapter 12 Wave?Controlling structures – in the direction of pass and Invisibility (pages 225–252):
Chapter thirteen Guiding, Filtering and Routing Electromagnetic Waves (pages 255–278):
Chapter 14 Antennas (pages 279–300):
Chapter 15 Optics: Fibers and Cavities (pages 301–320):
Chapter sixteen Detection, Imaging and Tomography structures (pages 321–340):

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Limitations L As we w can see, thee methods enaabling us to reetrieve the efffective param meters of a material are numerouus. Sometimes, according to literature, the same appproach is given diifferent acronyyms. In generral, each acro onym relates to t a hypothessis that is 28 Artificial Materials forgotten later on. In the same way, the notion of effective parameters is only meant to be true when the relevant dimensions of structure are very small compared to the operating wavelength; in other words, when the material is homogenizable.

We will define this plane as a “transverse plane”. With two dimensions, we can decompose all the propagations modes in two classes of independent polarizations: TM (transverse magnetic, also called “s”) and TE (transverse electric, also called “p”). With two dimensions, the equations of the components of the field perpendicular to the defined plan are decoupled. 2 illustrates both modes of propagation and the relevant field components in each case. 2. 3. 1. Dimensionality issues Fabricated three-dimensional geometries, such as woodpile structures or Yablonovite, or natural geometries, such as opals, present interesting potentialities in terms of applications.

So the passage from one mode to another is not caused by a continuous increase in mode energy but by an energy jump, from ε1|E0|2 to ε2|E0|2. From the point of view of frequencies, a mode’s energy at an angular frequency of ω is the product of a number of photons in this mode by the quantum ħω. This energy jump corresponds to a frequency jump: the band gap. We can conclude by saying that in the case of a one-dimensional structure, a gap opens between each band. It is all the more important that the permittivity contrast is great.

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