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Anstriche und Tarnanstriche der deutschen Kriegsmarine КНИГИ ;ВОЕННАЯ ИСТОРИЯ Издательство: Bernard&GraefeЯзык: немецкийСтраниц: 176Формат: PDFРазмер: 56.71 Мб eighty five

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41. The length (at least 53 lines of ca. 95-100 letters each) and complexity of this inscriptionhave not alwaysbeen appreciated by students of Athenian klerouchies; conspicuous exceptions are Bugh 1988, pp. 209-218 and Salomon 1997, pp. 142-150. See also SEG XLII 87. 59 In fact taxes seem to be mentioned in an uncertain context in line 10 of the decree on Lemnos cited 32 COMMENTARY ON THE LAW a produce tax on these three islands in such a way as to produce for the demosat home wheat and barley that was to be brought to the Sanctuary of Aiakos.

101-103; Graham 1983, pp. 167-192; Schmitz 1988, pp. 79-115; Figueira 1991, pp. 66-73; Cargill 1995, pp. 1-8, 12-15, 42-66, 92-109; Salomon 1997, pp. 7681, 91-95. 2, 'I3ppov seiv xal Afjivov ouoca; 'A0vdvaov ("Imbrosand Lemnos belong to the Athenians"). This point is well brought out by Gschnitzer (1958, pp. " 58 IG 11230, as supplemented and re-edited by Stroud (1971, pp. 162-173, no. 23); reprinted by Walbank in AgoraXIX, L3 and by Woodhead in AgoraXVI, no. 41. The length (at least 53 lines of ca.

42-43; Ober 1985, pp. 23-24. Gallo (1984, p. 61) urges that the "competenza dei demarchi ... in un ambiente ristretto come il demo" would have made evasion of the first-fruitsvery difficult. Garnsey (1992, pp. 147-148) is willing to concede "some margin of error [in the extrapolated harvest figures of IG II2 1672] due to evasion" but not enough to impugn the accuracy of those figures. According to Sallares (1991, p. " It is difficult to see how anyone can seriously maintain that tax evasion was insignificantin Classical Athens after the strikingdemonstrationto the contrary by Cohen (1992, pp.

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