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This old comic strip of the tradition of the traditional close to East is designed to introduce the final reader to their cultures and archaeological is still.

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Often a real puzzle; in fact one of the most is difficult To who are accustomed to an alphabet composed of only a small number of signs, so impractical a system of writing is a us, source of perplexity. For all that, it is already a great advance in the art of writing. Other Semitic peoples, at a later date, were to give die world that most valuable invention, the alphabet. HISTORY The dominating factor in the history 48 of Western Asia in THE BABYLONIANS AND ASSYRIANS ancient times is the activity of the peoples of the Mesopotamian valley.

His reign marks another period of great (about 1830 The the power of Babylon extended over prosperity. Politically, of and Syria. In the religious sphere, Hammurapi was Assyria part in particular responsible for the ascendancy of the god Marduk, who became which had the chief of the gods, and took over the attributes then belonged to the old Sumerian divinities. till Hammurapi reorganized and improved the coun means of a great development of agriculture and the try by of many new canals. On the bank of the most important digging of these he set up an inscription which reads: "Hammurapi is the Economically, people s plenty".

Quot; "a . " A striking example of this Semitic omission of sub ordinating conjunctions even in the Greek New Testament is S. Paul s exclamation, literally: "Thanks be to God that ye were servants of sin but became obedient where the English "shall I seek for you a ". . Revisers* text has, according to the sense, whereas ye were servants of sin, ye (Romans 6,17). The Semitic . " "thanks linguistic peculiarities which have just been of course only typical examples from a much wider range; and they admit of exceptions.

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