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By Winslow T. Wheeler

The eleven chapters awarded right here through Wheeler (Center for protection info) represent a wide critique of present US army guidelines and associations that issues to decades-long difficulties that the authors think are corroding US army and political energy

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S. com/article. id=1715. S. forces had been successfully practicing counterinsurgency “by the book” and doing so successfully since 2004. S. government has been releasing to the public have any validity, this conclusion is highly questionable. ” No one even read “the book” and the results showed it. Through the first quarter of 2007 (after the “surge” was well under way) the situation in Iraq steadily deteriorated by nearly every conceivable measurement. The “greatest military the world has ever seen” insisted on fighting as if this were a conventional war.

It unleashed a muddle of till then suppressed nationalist, ethnic, religious and criminal conflicts. These have produced 4GW conflicts that defy the generalized logic of the Cold War. 35 However, the looking glass analogy begins to fail when we remember that many of the former friends turned enemies are not actually states or even political movements trying to become states. S. attention, but now the United States fights wars with them and finds them much harder to defeat than it had ever imagined.

Much the same has happened in Iraq and Afghanistan. More recently, the Army has dealt with military reform and excellence as if it had already occurred, describing itself to a wide-eyed Congress and public in the most embarrassing hype (“greatest military on the face of the earth,” “that ever existed” and so forth). 21 Lt. Col. S. Army’s focus has been far more on itself and its position in domestic politics. This was at least in part a consequence of the Cold War, in which the Army spent a lot of time preparing to fight but not actually fighting a thoroughly studied, conventional and known opponent.

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