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By Albert G. Ingalls

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HPBW can also be defined in the elevation plane, and for our example it has no meaning because there is no change in power density in the y-z plane. 35 Chapter 2 Side Lobe Level If the pattern in a particular plane has more than a front lobe and a back lobe, the other lobes are called side lobes. The maximum side lobe level (SLL), relative to the main lobe, is sometimes of interest. Aside from these feature-based parameters, there is a more basic measure of directionality called directivity. 2.

3). 2 Given a current of 1A flowing on a wire of length 1 m having a frequency of 1 MHz, what is the magnitude of the E and H fields at 10 km? 2 lies on the x axis. At an observation point 10 km out on the y axis, what are the x,y,z components of the E and H fields? 3, suppose the observation point is at r = 10 km, G = /3 and in the x,y plane. Find the G,R components of E and H. 6) for the H fields. Assume that for water r = 81. For a wave in air with Ei = 1 mV/m, normally incident on a flat water surface, find all the other E and H wave fields, and the total E and H fields at the boundary.

5W. This checks with Pf – Pr = PL. 5 75V and V– = V+/3 = 25V. At the load, these amplitudes subtract to give the needed 50, and at the transmitter end, they add to give 100V. Is this correct? The input power is Pin Vin2 2 Rin 104/(2 × 50) = 100W, as required. We can trace this through in a slightly different and more general way. Since 2Q M Q , the forward-wave voltage at the load is V (d ) V e jQ / 2 jV . Cd f M 4 2 Likewise, the reverse-wave voltage is Vr(d) = jV –. Since the reflection coefficient is –1/3, jV – = (–jV +)(–1/3) or V – = V +/3.

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