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5, overcomes this difficulty. The technique requires a balance to be obtained in the unloaded system by adjusting MS and R. The sample is then inserted and the balance is restored by varying MS and + R by MS and R from the unloaded condition. Recognising that R+ 1 and X1 are measures of the out-of-phase and in-phase flux associated with the eddy currents, R+ MS and X1+ by R/2π f . 5 The Hartshorn mutual inductance bridge. MC = mutual inductance of the coil, MS = variable standard mutual inductance the value of y is then obtained from the calibrated coil function or, if cylindrical samples are used, from the theoretical coil functions shown in Figs.

1900, vol. 1, p. 566 Sommerfeld A. ‘Zur elektronentheorie der metalle auf grund der Fermischen statistik’. Z. Phys. 1928, vol. 47, p. 1 Bloch F. ‘Uber die quantenmechanik der elektronen in kristallgittern’. Z. Phys. 1928, vol. 52, p. 555 Bloch F. ‘Zum elektrischen widerstandsgesetz bie tiefen temperaturen’. Z. Phys. 1930, vol. 59, p. 208 Gruneisen E. ‘Die abhangigkeit das elektrischen widerstandes reiner metalle van der temperatur’. Ann. Phys. 1933, vol. 16, p. 530 Nordheim L. ‘Zur elektronentheorie der metalle’.

If the sample’s motion is restrained by a torsion wire, it will rotate to a fixed position where is balanced by the reaction in the torsion wire, enabling the above expression to be used with ωf , the angular velocity of the field, replacing ωr . Measurement of the deflection by the incorporation of a mirror into the torsion wire suspension and the use of optical levers gives an accurate measurement of . The resistivity, ρ, is then determined using the above expression. This technique is more sensitive to the sample dimensions than the electrical techniques and is thus inherently less accurate.

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