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Aethro-Kinematics is an alternate conception for resolving the perplexities of contemporary mathematical physics and cosmology. The reinstatement of logic and classical good judgment. the straightforward physics of the 3rd millennium. A dissident substitute to modern theoretical physics. logic physics for resolving sleek mathematical paradoxes.

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Are there special frames of reference that can reveal absolute space and motion? Atkins addresses these in his book, 'Physics' : "There would appear to be one such frame, that of the fixed stars. Leon Foucault showed its existence with his pendulum in 1851. By a weight suspended so as to be free to swing in any direction, he showed that the pendulum's direction was not affected by the rotation of the earth, but in fact it keeps its plane of motion, while the Earth makes a complete rotation under it once every twenty-four hours.

The greater the concentration of matter, the greater the resulting curvature of space-time and the total effect is an over-all curvature of the whole space time continuum. " g) Einstein: – 'Notes on the origin of The General Theory of Relativity,' Centenary volume, 1934, [307] "When by the Special Theory of Relativity I had arrived at the equivalence of all so-called inertial systems for the formulation of natural laws, (1905) the question whether there was not a further equivalence of coordinate systems followed naturally.

In Maxwell's field-equations we realized a new pattern for the laws of nature. They connect events, with other events which happen a little later in the immediate vicinity. The same way, our new gravitational field-equations are describing the changes of the gravitational field. 37 Aethro-kinematics CHAPTER TWO "3. Our world is not Euclidean. The geometrical nature of the world is shaped by masses and their velocities. " THE GEOMETRY OF SPACE Einstein goes on to explain his statement in 3. above, with another thought-experiment.

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