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He had palpitation for eight years and had oliguresis, edema of lower extremity for recent 3 months. He had fast heart rate which could reach 140/min. The heart border expanded to left and the pulse was weak. Cardiac ultrasonic shows that left ventricle had spherical expansion. The interventricular septum and ventricular wall were thin. The cardiac output and cardiac index decreased. 36 Advanced Biomedical Engineering This class of waveform is characterized by separated systolic component and diastolic component.

Hochberg, pp. 255-276, Allyn and Bacon, Boston. 2 Pulse Wave Analysis Zhaopeng Fan, Gong Zhang and Simon Liao University of Winnipeg Canada 1. Introduction Cardiovascular refers to the Cardio (heart) and vascular (blood vessels). The system has two major functional parts: central circulation system and systemic circulation system. Central circulation includes the pulmonary circulation and the heart from where the pulse wave is generated. Systemic circulation is the path that the blood goes from and to the heart.

14 and Eq.

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