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By H. A. Covington

Shane Ryan is a fallacious man. fallacious race. flawed gender. unsuitable classification. incorrect aspect of the tracks. improper perspective. the USA within the close to destiny is a chilly, merciless position, specifically within the hardscrabble rural Pacific Northwest. there is battle within the heart East, a revived draft, mass unemployment, an economic climate completely at the skids, greed and corruption, incompetence and stupidity on the most sensible. bad blue-collar teenagers from the trailer park are final in line for every little thing. the USA has screwed Shane Ryan, and he returns the desire. He joins the Northwest Volunteer military, a Revolutionary Organization 17 November devoted to overthrowing the USA govt and constructing an autonomous kingdom. the United States is set to profit the demanding means that what is going round, comes round.

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Her name was Rooney. I honestly can’t remember when was the first time I noticed Rooney Wingfield in the corridors of Dundee High School. Washington used the old middle school system back then and so I went into Dundee High at the age of fourteen. The Wingfield kids had gone to West Harbor middle school and I went to Broad Street, so I didn’t know her before then. By the middle of the ninth grade at DHS she was definitely on my radar screen. Rooney was one of those kids you knew by sight but you never seemed to know her name.

At age eight, that whole episode went into my lifelong permanent record and never left me until we finally won the revolution. ” At least the Northwest Republic found me worthy to guard their cranberries. After the Bobby Fernandez contretemps in the third grade there isn’t much to tell for a while, except our family kept on going downhill economically and socially and everything around us kept getting worse and worse. But there was one development I suppose I should mention, about me. Maybe it was that arrogant old fart Mandelbaum telling me I didn’t need to know who Shakespeare was, maybe I was just so desperate to escape the crappy world and home life I was growing up in that I grabbed onto any straw, maybe because we couldn’t afford a computer and the stuff on TV was such stupid banal crap that even as a child it bored me and repulsed me, but about that time of my life I really turned inward, so to speak.

Shane, do you know what homophobia is? No, of course not. You should know by your age, but you don’t, because you’ve never been taught. Those proto-fascist bigots in the state legislature are still dragging their feet on bringing sexual diversity education, although I’m pretty sure we’re going to get the votes next session. But what I want to know, Shane, is who exactly told you that an approach for sexual contact from someone of the same gender requires a violent response? In other words, who told you it was all right to hurt another boy who wants to play with you in that way?

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