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By Sean Russell

Whilst naturalist Tristam Flattery is summoned to avoid wasting a plant species with magical, medicinal homes, he's drawn right into a political fight that spans generations, threatens civilization, and leads him to the ends of the recognized international. unique.

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He is attempting to spirit me into the palace unnoticed. But unnoticed by whom? Through branches moving in the breeze, the palace appeared, like an island in the waves, a rose colored cliff rising from a sea of green. The Fair flag rustled in the breeze; bands of blue, white, and deep crimson, the King's gold and black crest in the center. The Tellaman Palace was the principal residence of the Royal House of Farrland, a family that had known as much tragedy as glory in the centuries of their reign.

Exactly. Kingfoil is dioecious. But recently the few seeds that germinate produce exclusively male plants and the females that remain produce fewer and fewer seeds. We do not understand why this is occurring, Mr. Flattery, but it is obvious what the result will be. Soon there will be no seeds to make the physic required by our King. Mr. Tumney, our worthy gardener, is not a man of education, Mr. Flattery. " Both the duchess and Roderick were staring at Tristam in silence, trying to read his reaction, he realized.

Even before anxiety about the day could begin, he felt the emotion left by the dream still clinging to him. It had been a few months since the dream had haunted him, for that was how he thought of it-haunting. It is brought on by anxiety, Tristam told himself. My coming appointment at the palace. Sleep, always elusive in Tristam's world, was not going to return, so he forced himself up. As he stropped his razor, Tristam tried to shake off the emotiort the nightmare left behind like a residue. He tried to force his mind into the day and out of this state of enervation-neither awake nor asleep.

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