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By Barbara Michaels

The loss of life of her English father left Francesca on my own and unprotected, with nowhere to show yet to the noble Italian relatives of her overdue mom. Adrift in a wierd land, surrounded by means of chilly and suspicious family who had disowned her mom on her marriage ceremony day, Francesca is set to make the simplest of a nasty scenario. yet not anything can have ready her for the nest of darkish secrets and techniques and oppressive cruelty she has been forged into. And her destiny now rests within the fingers of a mysterious horseman referred to as the Falcon, whose visual appeal will pace her salvation ... or hasten her doom.

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Last summer, when Piedmont persuaded Wings of the Falcon / 47 Napoleon to join in a war against Austria, the patriots in the central parts of Italy rose against the occupying Austrian troops. They hoped Piedmont and France would aid them against a common enemy; but Louis Napoleon betrayed his allies. He made a separate peace with Austria. The Italian state of Tuscany gained its freedom, and won union with Piedmont. However, the rebellions here in the Papal States were crushed by Pio Nono’s mercenaries.

Andrea sighed deeply and ran his fingers through his bright curls. “I think I must explain about the family. ” “But I don’t know that I shall. If I am not welcome in my grandfather’s house—” “But of course you are welcome! ” 30 / Barbara Michaels I was silent. “So,” Andrea resumed cheerfully, “I will explain the family. There is Grandfather, of course. He is…ah, but it is impossible to describe him. Only stand up to him, don’t let him bully you, and you will get along. Then there is Aunt Rhoda.

I had never seen more villainous faces. I had removed my bonnet earlier; my hair curled damply around my face and neck. I pushed it back, knowing that I did not present a very imposing appearance, but too angry to care. “Let go of her at once,” I cried. Wings of the Falcon / 51 The man did so; but as his eyes swept over me I realized that he had not been responding to my order. He had simply found a new interest. “Be careful,” said Miss Perkins in a low voice. Then, as the man reached out for me, she stepped between us and spoke to him in a sharp voice.

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