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By Tom Clancy, Steve Perry, Steve Piecznik, Larry Segriff

NEW CENTURY NEW SUPERPOWERS a brand new BREED OF place of origin safeguard

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Shing raised his eyebrows. He gave away entirely too much on his face—more of the legacy of all those years in America. “Well, that will be trickier—CyberNation’s security ops are the best. Our attacks there must be flawless. Still, I can do it. ” “Good. ” Shing nodded. ” He paused. “Do you suppose I might have another . . small advance on my . . stipend? ” He smiled. Wu’s answering smile was genuine this time. “Of course. ” He opened his desk drawer and removed from under a file folder a plain manila envelope containing a thick stack of Japanese yen.

Vive la CyberNation! 2 People’s Computer Concern Ürümqui, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, Northwestern China Chang Han Yao sighed and shook his head at the image on the computer screen. Pornography, and from a Chinese website no less. At least the server was in Beijing, thousands of kilometers away from him. It was not particularly inspired, the picture, a plain-vanilla Chinese man and woman, both naked, coupling, nothing perverse about it. They appeared young, but they were not children. They might even be married, so that what they were doing could be perfectly legal in and of itself, although the posting of it in public to drum up sales for more of the same was certainly not.

Walt already had his new Canon multi-megapixel electronic camera raised. He framed the image and snapped the photo. While he was at it, he snapped one of the guide, too. She was gorgeous, after all. Probably be a movie star someday. Their guide went on. “It is called the Bronson Gate, from the avenue that leads to it. Some of you may have seen old films with the actor Charles Bronson in them. ” After another brief pause she added, “Paramount is the only major motion picture studio still in Hollywood, and the oldest continuously operating one, as well.

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