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By Aaron Elkins

The 1st novel that includes Gideon Oliver, "The Skeleton Detective."

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Hey, look, you’ve been assaulted with intent to kill. ” “I know, I know, but why you? This is over a thousand miles from Heidelberg. Aren’t there any other cops? And why is this a NATO security matter at all? ” John tipped his chair back against the wall. “Let me put it this way: USOC is my beat. The agreement they have with the army calls for protection for the faculty wherever they send you guys. And since the only places they send you are NATO bases, it’s natural that NSD has the responsibility.

The police will never understand it. To determine handedness from a mandible! ” Gideon had checked that same afternoon on a sample of fifty pipe smokers in Sterling Hall (smoking pipes had been de rigueur for serious graduate students in 1963) and had found that forty-four of them habitually put their pipes into their mouths on the same side on which they held them in their hands, and that forty habitually held them in their dominant hands. Months later, when the police had definitely established the identity of the remains—the victim of a mass murder in the 1940s—his pipesmoking and right-handedness had been confirmed.

He couldn’t imagine where Marco had gone. The slender man was no longer smiling. He said a few quick words to the other one, who moved toward Gideon, stony-faced. Dimly, Gideon understood he was going to be shot. He sighed and waited, his mind empty. A light, much more powerful than a flashlight, flicked on from the bridge, capturing them all in its fierce glare. “Drop the gun! ” The older man spun and flashed his light at the voice. Gideon saw a familiar face lit up. Now who was it? Let’s see… it wasn’t anyone in his family, not Dad or Saul.

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