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191]) once he was proclaimed Emperor. Naples was placed under the rule of his brother-inlaw, and best cavalry officer, Joachim Murad, while Etruria was put under the rule of his Hapsburg wife, Maria Luisa (p. 206 [see Map 1]). HUNGARY STYRIA Gratz YR ILL AUSTRIAN EMPIRE M DO Trieste SLAVONIA F O Y AL IT PART OF FRENCH EMPIRE BOSNIA Belgrade SERBIA ES NC I OV PR NG N KI IA Milan Nice Budapest MONTENEGRO Ragusa Cattaro OTTOMAN Rome KINGDOM OF NAPLES EMPIRE Athens GREECE KINGDOM OF SICILY CRETE 35 Map 1 South Eastern Europe in 1812 36 Dracula and the Eastern Question Despite promises, throughout both kingdoms the gap between rich and poor increased during the Napoleonic order, and Bonaparte himself came to rely more and more upon local aristocrats to enforce his civil service (p.

It was innocence, youth, and beauty, unaffected by crowded drawing-rooms and stifling balls. (pp. 40–1) The image of a beautiful, ‘unconscious’ girl, at one with nature, draws the antiquary away from the writing of ancient Greece. 17 The natural charm of the young girl dancing in nature is reminiscent of other female naturals like Wordsworth’s Lucy or Coleridge’s Lewti, and is contrasted quite selfconsciously to the women of refinement with whom Aubrey has already consorted, and who up until now have been Ruthven’s normal prey.

42 Fanu’s Carmilla and the Austro-Hungarian Ausgleich 43 While the scholarship of Calmet at least explains Le Fanu’s choice of a Middle and East European setting for a lesbian vampire story, most political discussions of Carmilla have centred around the Irish situation in the nineteenth century in Le Fanu’s lifetime. 5 Although Bhalla does not make the connection (being too early), we might now see this in relation to Roy Foster’s ‘protestant magic’ argument, in which the failing fortunes and insecurities of the Anglo-Irish after Catholic emancipation in 1829 combine with their neurotic guilt to create a literary Fantastic.

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