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By Aidan Tynan

The 1st learn of Deleuze's severe and scientific project.

Aidan Tynan addresses Deleuze's statement that 'literature is an company of health' and indicates how a priority of wellbeing and fitness and ailment was once a attribute of his philosophy as an entire, from his earliest works to his groundbreaking collaborations with Guattari, to his ultimate, enigmatic statements on 'life'.

He explains why alcoholism, anorexia, manic melancholy and schizophrenia are key recommendations in Deleuze's literary idea, and indicates how, with the flip to schizoanalysis, literature takes on an important political and moral position in assisting us to diagnose our current pathologies and articulate the chances of a wellbeing and fitness to return.

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Some of the key volumes here include Bogue 2003 and 2010; Bryden 2007; Buchanan 2000; Buchanan and Marks 2000; Hughes 1997; Lambert 2002; Zamberlin 2006. For a full discussion of this topic within the American context, see Lambert 2006: 1–12. This is true even of a writer such as Kafka, whose High German lexicon appropriates the ‘official’ language of bureaucracy and government administration. indd 23 03/04/2012 13:27 deleuze’s literary clinic everyday meaning. For a discussion of this, see Bogue 2003: 100–8.

4 Thinking attains specificity, its distinction from cognition in general, from the fact that it is driven or forced to think this unthought. As Deleuze and Guattari write, this leads to a conception of the one who thinks as someone suffering a loss or crisis of cognition: There are pathic features: the Idiot, the one which wants to think for himself . . But also a Madman, a kind of madman, a cataleptic thinker or ‘mummy’ who discovers in thought an inability to think; or a great maniac, someone frenzied, who is in search of that which precedes thought, an Already-there, but at the very heart of thought itself.

The last glass, then, is never truly the last. In reaching the interior limit of a system in this way one ‘wards off’ that system’s transformation precisely because one prevents the arrival of the truly last, or ultimate, object. The alcoholic consumes the next glass so that he or she does not have to consume the ultimate glass. This is what constitutes the recurrent, chronic nature of the alcoholic’s drinking. If alcoholism constitutes a pathological system, Deleuze and Guattari are nevertheless interested in a way to overcome it through elements immanent in the system itself.

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