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By Ion Grumeza

This booklet tells the little recognized tale of Dacia, the strong and wealthy land that grew to become Transylvania and Romania. This booklet revives the Dacian background and contributes to our figuring out of the quarter because it is this day.

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During this same time period, in the area south of the Danube many tribes were united by Sitacles/Sitalkes who was known to the Macedonians as the Thracian king. Thucydides, who was himself a descendent of a Thracian royal family, confirmed this. Sitalkes possessed such great military strength that he was able to force the Athenians to negotiate with him for part of 22 Chapter Two Greece in exchange for his helping them fight against Sparta. By the time his son Seuthest became a ruler (Seuthopolis was a royal city named after him), Thracia was larger and more prosperous; it aspired to take over the Hellenic world, but not Eastern Europe.

Their main concern was to keep their lands free of any invaders. While visiting the eastern barbarian regions, Herodotus met the Thracians and the Getians on the shores of the Black Sea, which had long been the location of Greek commercial colonies. One of the things he noted was that their clothes were made of hemp fiber and that they had a tendency to respond to violence with more violence. From Thucydides (ca. 460-ca. C. ninety thousand Athenians were stricken by a plague, thus diminishing the Greek military power and its thwarting expansionist ambitions as far as Eastern Europe was concerned.

The event would consolidate his leading position among all the Dacian tribes, provided that Pompey was indeed victorious. In so far as he met with Pompey, Burebista also gained another ally against the Thracians and consolidated his status in the Balkan Peninsula. Regardless of the outcome of the battles between the Caesarian and Pompeian legions, the Dacians had no reason to worry that the power of Rome would affect them. Their more immediate worry was the movement of German tribes towards Dacia.

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