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For physics, I have given only the Professeur. Membership of the Conseil de Peifectionnement is not listed; most figures belonged at some time. The information has mostly been drawn from the archives of the Ecole Polytechnique; but some sources there clash with others, and several details are not preserved at all. I have tended to give preference to the files which relate to the determination of pensions, as there the desire for accuracy was presumably at a high level! 3 Gouverneur 1804-14 Lacuee 1814-16 Dejean 1816-22 Bouchu 1822-30 Comte de Bourdesville 1830 Arago Commandant 1830-31 Bertrand 1831-47 Tholoze 1847-48 Aupick 1848-50 Poncelet Directeur des etudes 1804-11 Gay de Vernon 1811-12 Malus 1812 Grenier 1812-16 Duriveau 1816-30 Binet, J.

4 Plus de details sur les machines et sur les instruments de geodesie, les niveaux . . . . . . . . . . . 5 1~re partie du cours d'architecture sur les constructions 15 Total 75le~ons After discussing some related changes, Corio-lis concluded with proposals concerning the Conseil de Perjectionnement (fols. 12-14): Le conseil de perfectionnement, comme il est compose actuellement ne connait pas assez l'enseignement des Ecoles d'application. Les ingenieurs et les officiers qui y sont appeles ont perdu de vue ces ecoles et ne sont pas au courant des changements qui y ont Me introduits dans ces demieres annees.

None of the Interludes is included, nor Chapter 1. 3 1769-84 BI Monge teaches at Ecole du Genie, Mezieres (256) 1769 My 6 BD Birth of Hachette (821) 1769 Se 22 BD Birth of Puissant (558) 1770 FS Lagrange 1770a on Lagrange series (341) 1771 DE Laplace 1771 a on 'cascades' method for differential equations (336) Birth of Gergonne (426) Lagrange and Euler win AS prizes on three-body problem (545) Monge elected co"espondant of AS (256) Lagrange elected assode of AS (251) Laplace 1775a at AS on particular solutions of differential equations (335) Coulomb 1776a at AS on friction, arches, etc.

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