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Modern concerns in Experimental Phonetics

summary: modern concerns in Experimental Phonetics

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New Buffalo, Michigan) provides a premixed silver paint designed especially for electrodes on human skin. We have used this electrode paint in our laboratory and feel that it is superior, in terms of subject comfort and ease of application, to the Duco cement—silver powder—acetone variety described above. 2 48 James Η. Abbs and Kenneth L. Watkin Allen, Lubker, and Turner (1973) have reported a paint-on electrode that can be attached to mucous membrane. These electrodes are similar in principle to the cutaneous paint-on variety.

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Berlin: Springer-Verlag, 1976. Markel, J. , Gray, A. , and Wakita, H. Linear prediction of speech—theory and practice. SCRL Monographs, 10. , 1973. , and Omura, H. Synthesis of fairy tales using an analog vocal tract. In Y. ), Proceedings of the Sixth International Congression Acoustics. Tokyo: Acoustical Society of Japan, 1968, B159— B162. Mattingly, I. G. Some rules for synthesis of general American English. Status report on speech research, SR-13/14. New York: Haskins Laboratories, 1968, 3 7 - 4 5 .

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