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Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 1996. 40 Barry Stampfl Craps, Stef and Gert Buelens (eds). ” Studies in the Novel 40 (2008): 1–12. Craps, Stef and Gert Buelens. ” In Michael Chabon’s, ed. The Final Solution. Criticism 53 (2011): 569–586. Cvetkovich, Ann. An Archive of Feelings: Trauma, Sexuality, and Lesbian Public Cultures. Durham and London: Duke University Press, 2003. Faulkner, William. Absalom, Absalom! 1936. New York: Vintage International, 1990. Felman, Shoshona and Dori Laub.

As I have already hinted, I believe that cases of punctual trauma also involve abductive jumps of thought, but where threats of grievous personal harm are present, compensatory mental reactions are perhaps less recognizable as creative reinterpretations of world and self than are such reinterpretations when they are more subtly provoked. Clearly, the insult experienced by Sutpen at the door of the plantation falls short of the definition of the traumatic Parsing the Unspeakable in the Context of Trauma 33 stressor specified for the diagnosis of PTSD.

12 The emergence of the phrase “signification trauma” in Forter’s essays as a synonym for the non-punctual model derived from Freud’s early work is a good example of how concepts from semiotics occasionally surface in trauma studies, but without being integrated within a thorough-going, consistently semiotic approach to the study of Parsing the Unspeakable in the Context of Trauma 31 trauma. Forter’s use of the phrase is perfectly intelligible, as we have seen, as a way of emphasizing the centrality in non-punctual traumas of a moment of revelatory retrodetermination, in which signifiers previously experienced as neutral or benign suddenly come to be experienced as traumatogenic.

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