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By Francesco Calogero

"This e-book specializes in precisely treatable classical (i.e. non-quantal non-relativistic) many-body difficulties, as defined via Newton's equation of movement for together interacting aspect debris. many of the fabric is predicated at the author's examine and is released the following for the 1st time in booklet shape. one of many major novelties is the remedy of difficulties in - and third-dimensional area. Many comparable techniques Read more...


this article specializes in precisely treatable classical non-quantal, non-relativistic many-body difficulties regularly concentrating on element debris made up our minds utilizing Newton's equations of movement. Many concepts are Read more...

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26) where, as usual, the same symbol is used to denote the components {vi } of a vector v and the components {vi } of the associated form. The gi j are easily shown to be the components of the metric G on the basis {ei ⊗ e j } . 26) is then vi = gi j v j . 28) . 4 Universal Metric for Bivariant Tensors Consider an n-dimensional linear space S . 11 The ‘Frobenius norm’ of a tensor t = {ti j } is defined as t F = gi j gk tik t j . 1 Linear Space 17 If no metric is defined over S , the norm of a vector vi is not defined.

3). 3 that on a manifold with constant torsion, the anassociativity tensor is identical to the Riemann tensor of the manifold (this correspondence explaining the factor 1/2 in the definition of A ). 81). 89) allows to write its definition in terms of the torsion or of the anassociativity as Ji jk = ( jk ) Ti js Ts k = ( jk ) Ai jk . 82) stating the total antisymmetry of the Jacobi tensor now becomes Ji jk = -Ji j k = -Ji k j . 73)) (w ⊕ v)i = wi + vi + ei jk w j vk + qi jk w j wk v + ri jk w j vk v + .

3 Autovector Space The structure about to be introduced, the “space of autoparallel vectors”, is the generalization of the usual structure of (linear) vector space to the case where the sum of elements is not necessarily associative and commutative. 19 Autovector space. Let the set S , with elements u, v, w . . , be a linear space with the two usual operations represented as w+v and λ v . 16 – We say that, while {S, ⊕} is an autovector space, {S, + } is its tangent linear space. When considered as elements of {S, ⊕} , the vectors of {S, +} are also called autovectors.

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