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By Brian Freemantle

Having outlived the chilly warfare, Charlie Muffin is placed out to pasture by means of his director as a instructor of fledgling spies, till an apprentice is captured in Beijing, and Charlie is shipped at the risky rescue undertaking.

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Now Natalia smiled but ruefully, thinking how much more obedient the baby was than its father. Two The wind strong enough to bring the grey dust all the way to Beijing from the Gobi Desert hadn’t been due for at least another two months. Jeremy Snow hoped it wouldn’t go on too long. The grittiness was in his throat and making his eyes sore. Last year, when it properly came, it had affected his asthma, giving him a particularly bad attack. He could always wear a face mask, like the Chinese, but he was reluctant unless it became absolutely necessary.

Charlie still wished he didn’t feel as if he were explaining himself to a school principal. ‘Maybe it’s all semantics anyway,’ she said, dismissive again. ‘All in the past. The dinosaur age. ’ Quite a bran tub of mixed metaphors, thought Charlie: he didn’t believe dinosaurs existed in the Ice Age. ’ ‘Some of us are,’ she said, heavily. She extracted some obviously new and therefore recent sheets from the manila file. ’ Charlie regarded her cautiously. Again he’d tried to avoid anticipating this encounter, but he had not expected it to be like this, so openly and consistently hostile.

And whether communism is going to collapse in China, as it’s collapsed everywhere else. And what a close-to-bankruptcy America that thought it was the world’s policeman until Vietnam is going to do, now that it’s lost the black hat, white hat simplicity. And which bulging-eyed, Third World despot is going to channel the four or five million he hasn’t already put into his Swiss bank account into buying a nuclear device to threaten the next door neighbour Third World despot too busy at the time putting United Nations and pop concert famine aid money into another Swiss account.

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