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By Niall Griffiths

Chased by way of a hit-man, a tender guy returns domestic from London to a small city in Wales. Reconciliation together with his relations is alternated together with his pursuer's development. a protracted felony connection is published yet can he break out the sins of his fathers? this can be a demanding, tightly written drama that would captivate the reader with quick, gut-wrenching motion.

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Cakes – he’d also betrayed Cakes. Not the same as betraying Manon of course but, well…Cakes had trusted him. How foolish of the man. Lewis’s expression was sad as he left the garage and went over the road to the Miner’s 50 Bring it back home 16/1/07 4:10 pm Page 51 BRING IT BACK HOME Arms. It was half-full of people having an afterwork drink or two and Robat and Marc, still in their oil-stained blue overalls, were at the fruit machine. Lewis bought them a pint each and then took his own drink into the corner, where the Old Man was sitting over a large Scotch and reading the local paper.

He didn’t know why, but knew that he didn’t want to irritate her further so he said nothing and just let her talk. ‘I met some interesting people in London, had some good times,’ she said. ’ 35 Bring it back home 16/1/07 4:10 pm Page 36 NIALL GRIFFITHS ‘Maybe. Dunno. Dad left me everything – the house, his car, his savings, the lot. If I stay here, I’m quite rich. If I sell it all off and go and live in London I’ll be just a little bit well off. Have to live miles out, in Mill Hill or somewhere.

She gave him a price. Cakes unbuttoned his fly. She laughed to herself and thought: Too good to be true. It always is. 48 Bring it back home 16/1/07 4:10 pm Page 49 CHAPTER SEVEN When Lewis was a little boy, about ten years old, the Old Man – who wasn’t so old then, of course – taught him a hard lesson. He stood Lewis upright in the centre of the garage office; he stood behind him and told the boy to fall backwards. Just relax and let yourself go, he said. Just let yourself fall backwards. I’ll catch you.

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