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By Li Xiaoqi

Boya chinese language is compiled by way of a bunch of skilled lecturers who train chinese language as moment language. it truly is divided into 4 degrees: basic, pre-intermediate, intermediate and complicated. There are altogether nine books within the set which fits the four-year university examine or any momentary and long term sessions. The trouble-free point is in volumes of fifty classes for novices and covers approximately 1,000 phrases. completing it is going to make sure the scholars to arrive point three of HSK. The pre-intermediate point contains volumes. It fits scholars with 1,000-3000 vocabulary. It makes a speciality of trainings of depiction, narration, rationalization and dialogue. completing this point, the scholars will move HSK attempt of point 5-6. The intermediate point has volumes and is acceptable for college kids who've 3,000-5,000 phrases. The contents are shiny and comprise a big variety of issues. The vocabulary has very specified notes with rigorously chosen examples. This point is suitable with HSK point 7-8. The complex point is for college students who grasp greater than 5,000 phrases. The complex point has 3 volumes and includes approximately 8,000-word vocabulary and specializes in deciding upon synonyms, explaining universal sentence styles and hard phrases. There are plentiful routines and fascinating readings after every one lesson. completing this point permits the scholars to move HSK point eleven assessments.

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7 张 红 . Lo ? 儿 哪 在 。 边 旁 钉 的 过 教 U M F 间 主 U 丽 J 儿 边 问 那 幸 。 请 在 是 对 卫 生 卫 生 大 学 大 学 M剧 玛 Ni hóo! NI jiòo shénme míngzi? Zhõng Hóng: WÓ jiào Zhâng Hóng. Ni ne? M削 怕。 jiào Móll, wõ shì Dõngfõng Dàxué de liúxuéshêng, wð de zhuè叫è shl gu时 guãnxi. NI ne? Z陆n9 Hóng: WÕ s hl Zhõnghu6 Dàxué Zhõng扣。n xì dc y6njiu:;hêng, wó ds zhuãnyè shl xiònd创 wénxué M剧 ZhõnQhuó Dàxué zài nór7 Zhâng Hóng:Zài Dôngfàng 0阳ué de xibion. ì'ng wèn, wèishêngjiõn z创 nör) Xuésheng : Zài nòr 阳oshl de póngbiõn Dòwèi: Shl dõngbian de 阳。shl ma?

Hl n1 de shû ma? Bú shl shì wö t6ngwu de shû Shl Hànyü kèbên mo'/ Bû sh1. shi Hðn-Ri CkMn. Shénrr、e crdiõn? Mðß, Hàn-RI Cidiðn, jiü shl Hànyü, Rìyu cfdit'l凡 Zhè shl shénme ddòi? ZhõngcOn, Yïnyuè cldài M创1: Shl Rìbên yinyuè mo? Zhö咱cun: Bú s性 shì Zhônggu6 yinyuè Mólì : Zhè shl ni de cídòi mo? Zhôngcûn: Bú sh止 shì wð 罔ngyou de Cl(才ài. L由主| 固 ... ,由 生泪语 1 那 , 阳 d a 笛 m h 2 书 3 璀 4 同屋 5. 汉 语 oò thllt (名) shC book ( 代 ) shul who ( 名 ) 的ngwu ( 名 〉 Hònyü n呻mmate (名) kèb岳n 6 课本 7 词典 (名 ) 8 就是 (名) 9. l Rlyú Japanese (代) 'hè (名 ) cídòi 1。 这 w a m ‘ 呻 b N " (代) mcans Ihis " 1'" yinyuè muslc péngyou fricnd 专高名词 1 .

Nuon-Iuon 你们早 上几占上 课? 。 现在几点' 。 国斗 国斗 四 谊出下到隙字 ( P� &9 51 12 1∞ 67 73 35 24 Jd Ih, f( lowing Imbe阳) 98 49 8(] 56 b onks wllh 忡l

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