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By Antonio Bonati (auth.), J. R. Harris (eds.)

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Exp. Med. 155:623-628 Caiman, A. , and Peterlin, B. , 1986, Expression ofT cell receptor genes in human B cells, J. Exp. Med. , Thompson, J. , 1987, The cytoplasmic expression of CD3 antigens in normal and malignant cells of the T lymphoid lineage, J. lmmunol. , 1989, Terminal deoxynucleotidyl transferase positive B cell precursors in fetal lymph nodes and extrahemopoietic tissues, Eur. J. lmmunol. 19:493-500 Celis, 1. , Madsen, P. , Nielsen, H. , Lauridsen, 1. , 1988, Towards establishing comprehensive databases of cellular proteins from transformed human epithelial amnion cells (AMA) and normal peripheral blood mononuclear cells, Leukemia 2:561-602 Chan, L.

Another series of reagents is of particular interest for studying T-cell ontogenesis and immunoregulation of the T-cell system. These reagents recognize epitopes localized on different chains of the TCR. , 1987), a framework MAb that reacts with an epitope localized on the TCR beta chain at the "hidden" part of the T-Iymphocyte surface membrane, is of particular interest (see below). , 1985). , 1989). , 1986). A rabbit anti-calf TdT antiserum is an important reagent for detecting immature normal precursors both on B- and T-cell series.

Haematol. 55:285293 Nadler, L. , Anderson, K. , Daley, 1. , and Schlossman, S. , 1983, B4, a human B lymphocyte associated antigen expressed on normal, mitogen activated and malignant B lymphocytes, J. Irnrnunol. 131:244-250 Nadler, L. , Korsmeyer, S. J" Anderson, K. , Boyd, A. , Meyer, R. , Sallan, S. , and Schlossman, S. , 1984, B cell origin of non-T cell acute lymphoblastic leukaemia. A model for discrete stages of neoplastic and normal pre-B-cell differentiation, J. Clin. Invest. , 1981, Terminal deoxynucleotidyl transferase of 60,000 daltons from mouse, rat and calf thymus, J.

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