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This quantity bargains a gathering among style idea in bible study and the paintings of Mikhail Bakhtin, who is still immensely influential in literary feedback. the following Bakhtin comes head to head with a significant sector of religious study: the query of style. The essays diversity from basic discussions of style in the course of the examining of particular biblical texts to an engagement with Toni Morrison and the Bible. The members are John Anderson, Roland Boer, Martin J. Buss, Judy Fentress-Williams, Christopher Fuller, Barbara eco-friendly, Bula Maddison, Carleen Mandolfo, Christine Mitchell, Carol A. Newsom, David M. Valeta, and Michael Vines.

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Bakhtin’s formulation thus brings together the synchronic and diachronic elements of genre (Thompson 1984:35). With respect to the problem of the genre of apocalypse this perspective might be of particular use for understanding the internal dynamics of late Christian and gnostic apocalypses, which stand chronologically far from the beginnings of apocalyptic. But it might also be a fruitful approach to the issue of the multi-generic nature of apocalypses. Many apocalypses contain paraenesis, historical resumes, dream reports, and a variety of other small genres.

Given the impacted state of questions regarding date, composition and context of the Deuteronomistic History and its components, I will simply stipulate that a moment of great relevance for the production and proclamation of the long . This piece on Saul’s son Jonathan is a sort of companion to a short study of his daughter Michal. See Green 2003a. -43- 44 bakhtin and genre theory in biblical studies narrative seems the early postexilic period, when issues of leadership in Persian-sponsored Yehud were fraught.

Classification, no matter how nuanced, tends toward a binary logic. Does a text belong or not belong? Does it belong to this genre or to that one? Thinking in terms of prototype exemplars and a graded continuum challenges this artificial manner of assigning texts to generic categories (Sinding 2002:192). ” Though it may seem to be a mere quibbling over metaphors, metaphors are quite important in how we think. Thus the prototype and family resemblance approach to genre seems to me to offer advantages for how one would think about Jubilees or the Temple Scroll or revelatory discourses in relationship to the genre apocalypse in contrast to a classificatory approach that talks of the boundaries of the genre and the problem of borderline cases.

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