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By Oliver Bowden

'I will search Vengeance upon those that betrayed my relations. i'm Ezio Auditore da Firenze. i'm an Assassin...' Betrayed by means of the ruling households of Italy, a tender guy embarks upon an epic quest for vengeance. To eliminate corruption and fix his family's honour, he'll examine the paintings of the assassins. alongside the best way, Ezio will name upon the knowledge of such nice minds as Leonardo Da Vinci and Niccolo Machiavelli - realizing that survival is sure to the talents during which he needs to stay. To his allies, he'll turn into a strength for swap - scuffling with for freedom and justice. To his enemies, he'll develop into a chance devoted to the destruction of the tyrants abusing the folk of Italy. So starts off an epic tale of energy, revenge and conspiracy. fact might be written in blood.

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The people are honest and hard-working, and the goods we produce are solid and hard-wearing. The priest is a good man, doesn't drink too much, and minds his own business. And I mind mine, around him - but I've never been a very devoted son of the Church myself. Best of all is the wine - the best Chianti you will ever taste comes from my own vineyards. ' Mario's castle was the ancient seat of the Auditori and had been built in the 1250s, though the site had originally been occupied by a much more ancient construction.

It was written long ago, by an Assassin like us, whose name appears to have been Altair. And there is more. ' 'Here is Vieri's page,' said Ezio. ' 'Not yet! I will copy it before you go, but take the original to your friend in Florence with the brilliant mind. He need not know the full picture, at least, what there is of it so far, and indeed it may be dangerous for him to have such knowledge. ' 'They are yet to be rediscovered,' said Mario. 'Do not concern yourself. ' 8 Ezio had preparations to make before he left Monteriggioni.

They had seen Mario's attack begin, and were preparing to fire down on the Assassin condottieri. Ezio did not hesitate. It was their lives or those of his friends, and now he appreciated the new skills his uncle had insisted on teaching him. Quickly, concentrating his mind and his eye in the flickering semi-darkness, he drew two knives and threw them, one after the other, with deadly accuracy. The first struck an archer in the nape of the neck - the blow fatal in an instant. The man slumped over the crenellations without a whisper.

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