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A survey of such scenes where buildings of two and three stories abound accords with the colourful descriptions of the splendours of such towns of ancient India as Vaisali or Pataliputra. Buildings of seven stories in height are even spoken of (Satta, Bhumaka, Pasadd). Among the most famous of these piles was the Kutagara-Vihara at Vaisali, which Buddhaghosa describes as a storied building raised on pillars with a pinnacle, and like the chariot of the gods. Civil architecture is described in the Jatakas on almost as lavish a scale.

The Kushan age of such works is thus definitely determined. Halos, when present, are plain, not highly decorated as in the Gupta period. A finely executed bas-relief, which once decorated a doorway and exhibits artistic lotus and vine patterns, besides a picture of an elephant worshipping a stupa, is quite in the Mathura style, and may be assigned with some confidence to the first century of the Common era. The style of the Sarnath works is so closely related to that of Mathura that illustrations may be dispensed with.

Among these sculptures, which are mostly of colossal size, is a mutilated standing statue of a male, perhaps representing the Yaksha demigod Kuvera, god of wealth, found at Parkham in the Mathura District, and now in the Mathura Museum. The material is polished grey sandstone similar to that used for the Ashoka pillars. The height, including pedestal, is two and a half metres, and the breadth across the shoulders is 79 centimetres. The excessively massive body, which possesses considerable grandeur, is clothed in a waistcloth (dhoti) held around the loins by means of a flat girdle tied in a knot in front.

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