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B) Reduplicated. (c) Conjunctive. II. Dependent: (a) Prefixed (genitive). (b) Infixed (genitive and accusative). (c) Affixed (auxiliary). $ 6 7 . Forms of the Independent Personal Prönouns: (a) Simple Singular 1. mi, 2. ti, di 3. ) fì Plural ni chwi hwy, hwynt 46 PRONOUNS (b) Reduplicated Singular 1. myfi 2. tydi 3. ) (c) Conjunctive Singular 1. minnau 2. tithau 3. ) Plural ninnau chwithau hwythau, hwyntau The forms under (b) are accented on the final syllable. § 68. '; Dyro hwy iddo! '; A welsoch chwi hi?

230). 36 ADJECTIVES § 51. Comparative Degree. (i) When two things etc. are compared the comparative adj. is followed by na with the spirant mutation of p-, t-, c-, or by nag before a vowel: Y mae'r pren yn uwch na'v to ' T h e tree is higher than the roof'. Cefais afal melynach nag aur 'I had an apple more golden than gold'. Gwell enw da na cAyfoeth 'Better [is] a good name than wealth'. : Ceisio gloywach nen 'Seeking a brighter sky'. Cryfach dyn 'a stronger man'. (iii) The comparative adj. e.

There is a growing tendency to pronounce it so in verse-speaking, singing, etc. PRONOUNS 49 § 72. ), â (prep. : fy mrawd a'm chwaer 'my brother and my sister'; gyda'/A dad 'with thy father'; tua'm gwlad 'towards my land; efo'M gi 'with thy dog'; na'm bwyd na'm diod 'neither my food nor my drink'; yn fwy na'th gyflog 'more than thy wages'; i'm tŷ 'to my house'; o'/A gartref 'from thy h o m e ' ; ni welais mo'/A lyfrau 'I have not seen (anything of) thy books'; i'm gweld 'to see m e ' . : fy mrawd ajy chwaer; gyda dy dad; dos i dy le!

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