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By Bela G. Liptak

This examine peels away many years of intervening historical past to supply a firsthand examine the short, doomed fight of Hungarian freedom opponents opposed to Russian oppressors. Written in 1956 in an Austrian refugee camp, the memoir information the occasions of the clash and the author's personal event.

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People stared at us in open-mouthed wonder, with disbelief in their eyes, their hats in their hands, their teary eyes full of amazement. I saw a lady in a white smock in one of the windows on Döbrentei Square. She had cut the Communist crest out of our national flag and was waving this flag with the hole in its center. In that instant we all knew that that flag had to and would become the symbol of our revolution. For just a short moment we forgot that this was a silent march, and we cheered that lady waving the flag in the window.

I did not even notice that half the bread was gone by the time I got to our gate. I first picked at the crust, then the insides. It was warm and tasted so good. As I opened the creaking iron gate of the house, my young German shepherd, Bukucs, ran to me at full speed. She was just crazy about me. Nobody ever loved me like that. I do not know why I deserved it. Was it my smell? Was this my reward for keeping my urges for personal hygiene under control? She just rubbed her nose to my knee and could not stop licking and jumping.

It was : when I got to the top of the hill. I could see the train coming in, and I was still three hundred meters from the station. Now I ran like my life depended on it. I still had another two hundred meters to go when the train stopped in the station, one hundred when the last passenger boarded, and fifty when the train started to move again. My friend Tibi Bakonyi had noticed me running and was holding the door open for me on the last car. The train was already picking up speed when I grabbed the handle with my right hand and was yanked forward by it.

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